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Vikas Aggarwal is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD. His research centers on strategy issues in entrepreneurial settings, focusing on venture-backed start-ups as well as larger firms experiencing significant environmental change. He is particularly interested in the interdependencies that occur across multiple strategic decisions, and the implications of these decision portfolios for outcomes such as innovation and long-run performance. His work examines sectors such as biotechnology, software, and the US defense industry, and combines empirical studies with agent-based simulations.

Prior to beginning his academic career Professor Aggarwal was an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, where he worked with the founding team of to develop the start-up’s core revenue streams and grow the company through multiple rounds of venture financing. He also held positions in strategy consulting and investment banking, and served as an independent consultant to a range of firms in the technology and transportation industries.

Professor Aggarwal holds a PhD from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from the Sloan School of Management at MIT, and an AB in Economics from Princeton University.


Journal Articles

  1. Aggarwal VA, Hsu DH (2009). Modes of Cooperative R&D Commercialization by Start-ups. Strategic Management Journal 30(8): 835-864.

  2. Aggarwal VA, Siggelkow N, Singh H (2011). Governing Collaborative Activity: Interdependence and the Impact of Coordination and Exploration. Strategic Management Journal 32(7): 705-730.

  3. Aggarwal VA, Hsu DH (2014). Entrepreneurial Exits and Innovation. Management Science 60(4): 867-887.

  4. Aggarwal VA, Wu B (2015). Organizational Constraints to Adaptation: Intrafirm Asymmetry in the Locus of Coordination. Organization Science 26(1): 218-238.

  5. Aggarwal VA, Posen HE, Workiewicz M (2017). Adaptive Capacity to Technological Change: A Microfoundational Approach. Strategic Management Journal 38(6): 1212-1231.

  6. Aggarwal VA (2020). Resource Congestion in Alliance Networks: How a Firm's Partners' Partners Influence the Benefits of Collaboration. Strategic Management Journal 41(4): 627-655.

  7. Aggarwal VA, Hsu DH, Wu A (2020). Organizing Knowledge Production Teams within Firms for Innovation. Strategy Science 5(1): 1-16.

  8. Wang T, Aggarwal VA, Wu B (2020). Capability Interactions and Adaptation to Demand-Side Change. Strategic Management Journal, 41(9): 1595-1627.

  9. Davis J, Aggarwal VA (2020). Knowledge Mobilization in the Face of Imitation: Microfoundations of Knowledge Aggregation and Firm-Level Innovation. Strategic Management Journal, 41(11): 1983-2014.

  10. Piezunka H, Aggarwal VA, Posen HE (2021). The Aggregation-Learning Tradeoff. Organization Science, forthcoming.

Other Publications

  • Aggarwal VA, Wu A (2019). Inter-Organizational Collaboration and Start-up Innovation. In the Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Collaboration. Oxford University Press, Oxford: 611-628.

  • Aggarwal VA, Posen HE, Workiewicz M (2015). The Origin of Capabilities? A Microfoundational Theory of Firm Heterogeneity. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings

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