James Costantini
Affiliate Professor of Strategy

James's research interest is on how firm strategy and industrial organization is affected by the broader institutional environment. James has taught courses on strategy and economics to undergraduates, MBAs and executives.

Before joining INSEAD, James received his PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University/Harvard Business School. James's prior education includes a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, where he graduated Baker Scholar, and a MPhil in Finance and a BA in Mathematics from Cambridge University, U.K.

James has over a ten years experience as a consultant. James was a management consultant in the London and New York offices of McKinsey & Company from 1991 to 2001, except for the two years to complete his MBA. James advised primarily on issues of business unit strategy and corporate strategy to clients across a range of industries. James has also consulted with ghSmart & Company, with a focus on assessment of senior management teams for private equity investors.

At INSEAD James teaches in the MBA programme and in a range of executive education programmes. Within executive education, James’s programme direction has been with companies from a wide range of sectors and geographies, including KPMG, Toshiba, Amdocs, Orkla, Borregaard, OliverWyman, GERBUS (http://www.gerbus-academy.com/), NSG, and Ferrovial.



  • Becoming a Strategic Business Advisor (SBA)

Course Purpose

The main focus is on the approach, methods and practices of consultants in structuring projects, identifying key issues to work on and developing a workplan, and preparing structured communications. We will cover how to apply these key methods both at the individual level and in the context of working in a team. We will also place in the broader context of client service and professional development. Further, the course is an opportunity to reflect on key trends shaping the consulting industry and address aspects of interest to you.

  • Dean's Innovation Projects (DIP)

Course Purpose

The course is for students who would like to support the school’s development through pursuing an innovative project for one of the Deans under the supervision of the Professor, and thereby deepen their engagement with INSEAD.

The course is an opportunity for you to integrate your learnings from across the MBA to drive innovation and change in organisations, in this case INSEAD. The course is also an opportunity to deepen your project leadership and management skills, including interaction and communication with key stakeholders.

  • Strategy

Course Objectives

Why are some companies consistently more successful than others? Our focus is on identifying the key drivers of persistent superior performance in different settings and using that understanding to improve strategy formulation. Specific objectives are to introduce participants to tools and concepts that are useful for analyzing industry attractiveness, for assessing the extent to which a company has a sustainable competitive advantage, and for developing innovative strategies.

  • M&As, Alliances and Corporate Strategy (MAACS)

Course Description

This course explores the various modes of corporate development available to managers to achieve firm growth, including mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances, joint ventures, divestiture and spinoffs. The objectives of the course are (1) to give you a set of tools to facilitate the selection of an appropriate strategy for corporate development, (2) to provide insight into the key success factors in creating and managing interfirm acquisitions and alliances, and (3) to provide a comprehensive framework for executing an M&A or alliance from initiation to implementation.

There are three modules in this course. The first module introduces the course and lays out the basic ideas pertaining to corporate development and management of multi-business firm: A key issue addressed is to understand corporate scope. The second module contrasts modes of achieving desired scope, for instance, organic initiatives, M&A and alliances. The third module explores the key challenges in managing corporate acquisitions and mergers. Throughout, there is a focus on understanding the key success factors in the management process for different types of acquisitions, from initial evaluation of target through to integration.


  • Strategy: Competitive Advantage & Industry Dynamics



INSEAD-Sorbonne Université Partnership

INSEAD is proud to be a founding member of Sorbonne Université, a research and higher education entity (ComUE) that has the goal of combining its resources in order to create a top level university faculty where education and research in law, literature, science, business and medicine all work in harmony.

The Business Foundations Certificate Programme from INSEAD is intended for graduates, or recent graduates at a Master or PhD level, wanting to get a specific training in business management from INSEAD, in order to complement their LLM level or Master/ PhD training.

This training is offered in English, from beginning of September to end of December, generally two days a week on Friday and Saturday in Paris.

Scholarships are available for eligible students from Sorbonne Université.

Cases on start-ups in Paris:

For more information about the BFC Programme:

Video presentation by James Costantini, Director INSEAD Sorbonne Université Business Foundations Course



Presentation brochure

Registration is now open for the BFC 2018 ! Click here

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]


James Costantini
Affiliate Professor of Strategy

INSEAD Europe Campus
Boulevard de Constance
77305 Fontainebleau Cedex

Email: [email protected]

Assistant: Amélie GERVAIS
Tel: +33 (0)1 60 72 90 49
Email: [email protected]

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