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Supply Chain Management is a five-day, multi-disciplinary programme that focuses on improving the key flows in the supply chain by optimising business processes, organisational structures and enabling technologies. We aim to give managers a range of skills and frameworks to understand how product and process development can be integrated into the supply chain or to figure out what really drives financial performance.

Participants gain new skills and frameworks and look at the opportunities emerging with technological breakthroughs and global manufacturing, as well as examining the prospects for new partnerships along the supply chain. Knowing how to deploy enabling technologies rapidly and effectively can vastly increase both the efficiency of network operations and the effectiveness of customer service. The programme covers the following topics. 


Supply chain core processes

Examine the different physical and market-mediation roles of supply chain. Physically, the supply chain links production, storage and transportation. As a market mediation tool, it ensures that products reaching the marketplace match customer expectations. Different corporate strategies can be adopted to fulfil both of these roles while satisfying all relevant stakeholders.



Focus on how new information technologies have changed supply chain relationships and how they can be used to create new partnerships and ways of working. Enterprise Services Architecture and other infrastructure technologies will be discussed. Crucially, the focus is on implementation challenges, both in terms of the organisation and technology.



A number of complementary topics will also be covered. These include sustainability, decision support tools for robust optimisation, risk and opportunity management in a global context, procurement and outsourcing strategies, service supply chains, environmental factors, best practices in corporate social responsibility, emerging technologies and service parts logistics.


New organisational

Focus on the organisational forms that build supply chain excellence. Also learn how to collaborate across functions, organisations and continents – and how this can become a source of competitive advantage.

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