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The comprehensive multi-modular curriculum provides the essential compliance education and training necessary for today’s healthcare compliance and legal professionals. In the absence of an academic path within universities, this programme is a unique platform for them to acquire and enhance their professional competence. The specific objectives and contents of the INSEAD Healthcare Compliance Implementation Leadership Programme are as follows:

INSEAD Compliance Implementation Leadership I: Designing the Effective Compliance Programme

This programme provides the essential knowledge necessary to identify, assess and prioritise the compliance risks faced by a business and to design a compliance programme that will mitigate these risks. Topics covered include:

  • Analysis of compliance risks
  • Drivers of compliance in an organisation
  • Elements of a compliance programme, and the strategic plan for the compliance programme
  • How compliance officers can exert power and influence
  • Oversight; policies and SOPs
  • Compliance communication and training
  • Leading change in the organisation

INSEAD Compliance Implementation Leadership II: Managing and Enhancing the Effective Compliance Programme

This programme provides the tools for the day-to-day management and decisions compliance officers are confronted with, and methods for assessing and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the compliance programme. Topics covered include:

  • Third-party management
  • Managing cross-border activities
  • Defining fair market value & needs assessment
  • Assessing the value and legitimacy of a scientific event, website reviews, and social media
  • Effective decision-making processes
  • Managing conflict through effective negotiation
  • Testing and monitoring, anti-bribery / anti-corruption audits
  • Escalation process; conducting and investigation; sanctions
  • Measuring the compliance programme effectiveness
  • The industrialisation of compliance: enhancing effectiveness and efficiency


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