INSEAD x Bank Muscat Interview

Online learning solutions are the backbone of our talent development programmes


Tariq Faqiry

Tariq Faqiry talks about how INSEAD Online Programmes help with Bank Muscat's talent development strategy

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Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about your role at your organisation?

I head the Human Resources Development function in Bank Muscat responsible for Learning & Development, Talent Management, and Succession Planning

Can you talk a little about your organisation’s talent development strategy?

Bank Muscat’s philosophy is to attract young talent and groom them to assume leading roles. Talented people are the main competitive advantage of the Bank and hence we assign highest priorities to their development and engagement. Our talent strategy is closely knitted with the Bank’s strategy and succession planning.

What are some of the challenges your organisation faces?

As a leading organisation we aim to sustain and enhance our leadership position through continuous organisational renewal. 

How has INSEAD helped address this?

We have been collaborating with INSEAD on developing our leadership team for over two decades. Members of our Board of Directors participated in the INSEAD Executive Education open programmes on INSEAD campuses. We have also tapped into INSEAD Customised Online Programmes to deliver many management development programmes by INSEAD faculty.

Why did you choose an online learning solution?

Online learning solutions are the backbone of most of our development programmes. We blend them with classroom workshops to both impart knowledge and build capabilities and skills. Given the tight schedules of our people, online programmes offer learners the flexibility of embracing them from wherever and whenever convenient to them.

Why did you choose INSEAD online programmes?

INSEAD online programmes are state-of-the-art and immensely engaging programmes. Their themes are highly relevant to the corporate world and feature latest thinking in transforming organisations.

Which INSEAD online programmes did you choose and why?

So far we have selected five INSEAD online Programmes- Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruptions, Leadership Communication with Impact, Innovation in the Age of Disruption, Leading Organisations in Disruptive Times. These programmes exactly fit our people development agenda.

From an HR/organisational point of view, what skills do you want your executives to develop by attending the programmes? And why?

These online programmes helped our executives develop leadership capabilities and generate many ideas through assignment and projects that contribute to the Bank’s growth and progress.

From an HR/organisational perspective, what have been the highlights/key successes of the programmes?

INSEAD Executive Education programmes in general, whether open, customised in house or online, have helped shape people development in Bank Muscat and we look forward to even more fruitful collaboration in this context.

What has been the feedback from your executives?

INSEAD programmes received highest ratings from our employees considering the in-depth research that underpin these programmes, the outstanding faculty with deep corporate experience, and the professionalism of the administration of the delivery of the programmes. We have also experienced from INSEAD their keen listening and acting on our feedback and requirements. 

What difference have the programmes made to your organisation so far? 

INSEAD development programmes have helped us in succession planning, management development and meeting our particular people development priorities.

How do you see the future of the relationship between your organisation and INSEAD?

We envisage long term partnership with INSEAD going forward in all areas.

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