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As digital advances unlock new ways for customers to speak up and interact with businesses, Leading Digital Marketing Strategy will help you rethink the customer journey to help you build positive and relevant experiences across all channels and touchpoints – and ultimately to create both value and competitive advantage for your company. Topics covered include the following: 



Megatrends that disrupt your market(s)

  • How digital and social disruptions can affect different aspects of your value chain
  • How digital and social practices can generate novel content about your brands or products
  • How to meet the challenges that new trends bring 


Impact of digital on the competitive landscape

  • When digital and social media practices foster new business model innovations and change companies’ competitive landscape
  • Know what kinds of threats and opportunities emerge out of digital and social practices 


Social media as a commercial driver

  • Select and use social media channels to create value
  • How social media frameworks can initiate and develop new relationships that yield in higher financial performance
  • Integrate social media into your brand strategy
  • Measure social media ROI


Business decisions using online research and ‘big data’

  • Harness online data/social media to create value
  • Leverage big data to integrate digital intelligence into strategy 
  • Experience digital listening through live interaction with online platforms


Content creation, curation and dissemination for brand building

  • Transform your brand into a content producer
  • Create, curate and disseminate content through online channels
  • Understand how companies can successfully address online conversations and create monitoring systems 


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