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Content Overview


The Essentials of Coaching programme is designed to help you explore what coaching is and how it differs from mentoring or managing others. Throughout the programme, we build a learning community, forming contacts with each other to make the learning journey as powerful and effective as possible.


Intervening to produce the best results

  • Using a case study, we look at how a high-potential manager is on the path to becoming an effective executive
  • What is holding her back?
  • What is the systems psychodynamic approach?
  • How can coaching be used to intervene and drive the best results?

Coaching at the coal face

  • Crafting the relationship
  • Establishing a bi-directional contract for coaching to happen
  • Defining goals and frameworks
  • Working with emotions as data
  • The theory and the practice of coaching skills
  • The importance of adopting different coaching approaches

Coaching in practice – practical sessions

  • Group work: coaching, being coached and observing a coaching session
  • Working with a professional Executive Coach and receiving feedback
  • Supervision as a part of ethical and reflective practice
  • Understanding yourself in the role of coach

Ethics and managing stakeholders

  • Making value judgments
  • Navigating moral codes
  • Making sense of the world through value systems and the impact on coaching practice

Philosophy crafting

  • Articulating your values
  • Articulating your purpose and goals for yourself and your clients
  • Developing a meaningful and responsible coaching practice

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