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Content Overview


Corporate Venturing and Innovation equips you with the understanding, frameworks, models and tools to leverage the power of innovation, build alliances and accelerate the development of new businesses. The programme integrates real-life case studies that bring new concepts and learning to life.


Models for tapping into internal and external innovations to build new businesses


Building new businesses by exploiting ideas internally


Building new businesses by partnering with venture capitalists and start-ups


Building innovation ecosystems


Overcoming the organisational challenge to building and scaling new businesses

Your New Business Action Plan


You will have the opportunity to consolidate the key learnings from the programme and plan action steps that will allow you to put into practice what you have learned.

You will complete an Action Plan document which asks you to list:

  • Two or three priorities to develop and sustain innovative ideas and new businesses in your organisation
  • Concrete steps you will take to achieve those priorities
  • Metrics you will use to evaluate the results.

You will work in peer groups to discuss your proposed action plan and give feedback to fellow participants. 

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