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MBA Alumni - 50-60Y Reunion - October 2024

09 Oct '24

MBA Alumni - 50-60Y Reunion - October 2024

Europe Campus
09 Oct '24

MBA Alumni - 50-60Y Reunion - October 2024

Europe Campus

About this Event

Reunion for the classes of MBA’64, '69 and '74


Dear alumni of the classes of MBA'64, MBA'69 and MBA'74, 

We are delighted to invite you back to INSEAD Europe Campus for your reunion on 9 October 2024!

Alumni reunions are a celebration of you and of the joint project that is INSEAD. Something magical happens when you and your classmates return to campus to rekindle friendships, reconnect with the school, and renew the INSEAD spirit. And this year, it's your turn to experience the joy of being together again for your reunion.

Thank you to all dedicated volunteers, both the social and class gift leaders, who are working hand-in-hand with our team to make your upcoming reunion and your class gift campaign the most fun and impactful possible.

We hope as many of you as possible will have the opportunity to travel from the four corners of the world to return to Fontainebleau for your reunion — see you in October!


The Alumni Reunions Team


We are planning special moments for you and your classmates. The schedule below is tentative, so be sure to check again for updates in the coming weeks.

Time (CET)SessionLocation
09:30 - 10:30Registration and welcome coffeeUpper Gallery
10:30 - 12:00Welcome

Louise Vigeant, Director of Alumni Experience and Learning
Faculty session - Rethinking Capitalism: The Power of Creative Destruction
Philippe Aghion, Professor of Economics
The Kurt Björklund Chaired Professor in Innovation and Growth
Amphi Christoph Rubeli
12:00 - 14:00 Class lunchesCercle
14:00 - 15:30 School update with the Deans

Louise Vigeant, Director of Alumni Experience and Learning
Nida Januskis, EMBA'23Jan, Associate Dean, Advancement
Francisco Veloso, Dean
Amphi Christoph Rubeli
15:30 - 17:45MBA'64 photo and class meeting
MBA'69 photo and class meeting
MBA'74 photo and class meeting
Amphi F
Amphi MBA'70
Amphi de Vitry
17:45 - 19:00Time to freshen up 
19:00 - 19:30Shuttles Campus/Hotel Mercure - Château de Bourron-Marlotte 
19:30 - 23:00Formal dinnersChâteau de Bourron-Marlotte
From 22:30Shuttles Château de Bourron-Marlotte - Campus/Hotel Mercure 
On 8 October, the class of MBA'69 is organising a pre-reunion dinner at Bistrot des Amis (to be paid on the spot)
On 10 and 11 October, the class of MBA'74 is organising two full days of activities (more details will be shared by the reunion volunteers soon). 

Attendee List

Once official registration is launched at the end of May, a new version of the attendees list will be posted in this section every week 

In the meantime, should you have any questions, please contact our secretariat service at [email protected]


The number of rooms in Fontainebleau is extremely limited. We encourage you to book your room now! For your convenience, INSEAD has pre-booked rooms next to the campus at Hotel Mercure Demeure de Campagne especially for reunion attendees. Click here to secure your booking. 

You will also find alternative accommodation options at the following links:


If you are having difficulty booking accommodation, please feel free to reach out to our secretariat service at [email protected].

Practical Information

How to get to INSEAD?

Need a refresher on how to get to INSEAD. Here are some directions to the campus.

Taxi reservations can be made directly through:

​Tel : +33 6 43 74 85 90
[email protected]
Contact: Corinne Ducruet

Resa Taxis Pro
Tel : +33 6 78 781 781
[email protected]
Contact: Corinne Ducruet

Taxis Fontainebleau Avon
Tel : +33 9 80 08 21 64
[email protected]
Contact: Annie Reichert

Luxury Car Service
Tel : +33 6 67 60 28 31 
[email protected]
Contact: Guillaume Lafoy   

Welcome and registration

Registration will take place at the reunion welcome desks for each class. Your reunion coordinator will greet alumni and their partners with reunion packages and badges. The registration desks will be in upper gallery and will open on at 9.30am.

Dress code

The dress code is business casual for on-campus events and the Reunion class dinners at the Château de Bourron-Marlotte are black tie or cocktail dress.

Computer access

Computers with online access and wifi access will be available for your use during the reunion weekend.

Footnote shop

The campus shop located in the bar area will be open during the reunion. Find all your INSEAD gear and the latest business publications here.

Photos and videos

When you attend an INSEAD Alumni Reunion, you are attending an event where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By attending this event, you consent to INSEAD and its partners taking photos, videos, and sound recordings and you grant INSEAD and its partners the rights of your image and/or image of your underage child/children attending the event, in video or still, and of the likeness and sound of your voice(s) as recorded on audio or videotape, without payment or any other consideration. These images and recordings may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed, and you waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of these images or recordings. Photographic, audio or video recordings may be used for any use including but not limited to: livestreaming, online videos, presentations, media and social media, news (press), and INSEAD websites. By attending this event, you and all members of your registration group accept to be photographed, filmed, and recorded during the event; acknowledge that these images and recordings may be used as noted above; and release any and all claims against INSEAD and its partners utilizing this material. If you would prefer that you, your underage child, or any member of your registration group not be photographed or recorded during the reunion, or if you would like us to delete your images, please contact INSEAD Alumni Reunions at [email protected].

Group photos will be taken on Friday and Saturday. Please check the timing for your class on the programme section. These photos will be emailed to you after the reunion.

Making it happen

Successful reunions are the result of planning, preparation and dedication of alumni volunteers working hand-in-hand with INSEAD’s reunion team.

Thank you to the following classmates who have already stepped up as leaders in planning your reunion and reunion gift campaign:

Class of MBA'69

Reunion Co-Chairs - Charles Mackay and Ole Roed

Class of MBA'74

Reunion Committee - Karl Brandt, Alexander Dembitz, Alasdair Findlay-Shirras, Tim Ingram, Jean-Pierre Joubert, Rodney Short
Reunion Fund Chair - Alexander Dembitz

It's not to late to get involved in the organisation of your reunion and your reunion class gift! If you would like to learn more about becoming an alumni volunteer, please contact:

Marie Ferreira 
Associate Director, Alumni Reunions
Tel: +33 1 60 72 42 74

Giving back

Thank you for choosing to make a gift and support your class this year.

If you would like to learn more about the special giving opportunities or to discuss your own giving, please contact your INSEAD class gift liaison, Linda Eshel.

To access your dedicated reunion class gift page, click on your promotion:


The Salamander Awards

The Salamander – a legendary creature, famed for its valour and perseverance – was the insignia of King François I. It decorates the Château de Fontainebleau where the first INSEAD classes were held and inspired the INSEAD Alumni Association to choose it as their emblem.

We look forward to honouring the Salamander holders in your class during your reunion.

Beginning in 1987, INSEAD has awarded Salamander statuettes to alumni and friends who have supported INSEAD with exceptional lifetime giving. In addition to listing Salamander holders on campus donor walls and in the annual Donors Report, INSEAD celebrates the generosity of Salamander donors during alumni reunions.

Are you interested in joining this circle of leadership donors? Salamander statuettes are awarded to recognise cumulative lifetime giving at the following levels:

Emerald Salamander
Diamond Salamander
Platinum Salamander
Gold Salamander
Silver Salamander
Bronze Salamander
Black Donor Pin
Blue Donor Pin
Green Donor Pin
for Salamander holders


• How can I register for my reunion? Will I be able to register by phone or via email?
Stay tuned! Official registration will open at the end of May. It is an easy process via a dedicated online registration page. We encourage you to use the online registration website. If you are having difficulty accessing it or for any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or on +33 1 84 80 70 35.

• How do I know if I am registered?
Once you have successfully registered and paid online, you will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite, and your name automatically appears on the list of attendees.

• Do my family members need to register for the reunion?
For the health and safety of all attendees, as well as students, faculty and staff, only registered attendees will be allowed to access campus during the reunion. As such, your partner and other accompanying family members must register.

• I’m currently not sure if my partner/guest will join. How do I register him/her at a later stage?
Once you have registered online, you can go back on line and add your partner/guest at a later stage (before the closing of registration).

• All the pre-booked hotels are full: where can I find a room?
For suggestions of other hotels or B&Bs in the area, which may have vacancies, please consult the Fontainebleau Tourist Office hotel listing.

• What will my partner do on campus during the sessions?
There is no separate programme for partners but they are are welcome to all reunion activities as long as they are registered.

 What is the dress code on campus for the Reunion?
The dress code will be business casual for the on-campus events and the Reunion class dinners at the Château de Bourron-Marlotte are black tie or cocktail attire (unless otherwise specified by your class).

• When will the class photo be available?
The class photo will be available after the reunion. Electronic copies will be sent to you by e-mail.

 What is the seating plan for the formal dinner?
There is no fixed plan for the class dinner.

 How do I make a make an anniversary gift?
If you would like to participate in the class gift, please contact Linda Eshel.

Contact us

The Secretariat is available to answer your questions about the reunion, including the programme, accommodation, registration, and other practical matters. Please contact us at [email protected].

If you’d like more information about volunteering as a member of your class’s Reunion Committee, please contact Marie Ferreira.

If you’d like more information about your class’s Reunion Gift, please contact Linda Eshel

We look forward to seeing you in October!