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The 5th INSEAD Doriot Entrepreneurship Conference

15 - 16 Jun '23

The 5th INSEAD Doriot Entrepreneurship Conference

Singapore, Asia Campus
15 - 16 Jun '23

The 5th INSEAD Doriot Entrepreneurship Conference

Singapore, Asia Campus


Entrepreneurship has become a very active research topic in organization theory and strategy, spurred by interest in the birth of new industries, the rejuvenation of existing industries through new technologies or markets, new ways of organizing as well as the dynamics of entry in existing industries. Much research on entrepreneurship addresses a broad theoretical agenda that is also relevant to organization theorists and strategists, such as its insights on new organizational populations, the effectiveness of new venture strategies, and organization design approaches. It is the goal of IDEC to stimulate further research in these and related areas.

Call for Papers

We are seeking high-quality submissions employing diverse theoretical perspectives and methods, exploring a broad range of entrepreneurial contexts and phenomena including new venture creation, funding, leadership and team dynamics in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial decision-making, scaling up, gazelles, and corporate entrepreneurship, to mention a few.

Special consideration will be given to proposals focusing on topics such as:

a) gender and entrepreneurship

b) entrepreneurship in emerging economies

c) experiments in entrepreneurship

Submission information: Please send your submission through this online form: Submission Form

Submission Deadline: Tuesday 17 January 2023, 23:59 in your time zone.

Acceptance Notification: Wednesday 15th February 2023.

Submission Requirement: 5-page abstract, plus up to two pages for references, in Microsoft Word format.

Presentation Requirement: Authors will be required to submit a full manuscript by May 15th so that the discussant has ample time to provide comments.

Questions? Please direct questions about the conference to one of the organizers at: [email protected] or [email protected]


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About Georges Doriot

Georges Frederic Doriot
(September 1899 – June 1987)


Georges Doriot was one of the first American venture capitalists. An émigré from France, Doriot became director of the U.S. Army's Military Planning Division, Quartermaster General, during World War II, eventually being promoted to brigadier general. In 1946, he founded American Research and Development Corporation, the world's first publicly owned venture capital firm, earning him the sobriquet "father of venture capitalism". In 1957, he founded INSEAD, the world's top global graduate business school with campuses in Fontainebleau (France), Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

Youth, education and military service

Doriot was born in Paris, France in 1899, to Berthe Camille Baehler and Auguste Doriot the pioneering motorist, racer, engineer, factory manager, dealer and car manufacturer (owner of D.F.P.). Doriot enlisted in the French army in 1920. He immigrated to America to earn an MBA and stayed on, becoming a professor at the Harvard Business School in 1926. He became a U.S. citizen in 1940 and the following year was commissioned a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps. As Director of the Military Planning Division for the Quartermaster General, he worked on military research, development and planning, eventually being promoted to brigadier general.

ARDC and the Father of Venture Capital

In 1946, Doriot returned to Harvard and the same year he founded American Research and Development Corporation (ARDC), one of the first two venture capital firms along with Ralph Flanders and Karl Compton (former president of MIT), to encourage private sector investments in businesses run by soldiers who were returning from World War II. ARDC's significance was primarily that it was the first institutional private equity investment firm that accepted money from sources other than wealthy families although it had several notable investment successes as well.

In 1957, Doriot founded INSEAD, the world's top global graduate business school in France with a group of his former Harvard MBA students.

ARDC is credited with the first major venture capital success story when its 1957 investment of $70,000 in Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) would be valued at over $355 million after the company's initial public offering in 1968 (representing a return of over 5000 times on its investment and an annualized rate of return of 101%). Until his death, Doriot remained friends with Ken Olsen, Digital's founder.

Later years

ARDC continued investing until 1971 with the retirement of Doriot. In 1972, Doriot merged ARDC with Textron after investing in over 150 companies. For his role in the founding of ARDC Doriot is often referred to as the "father of venture capitalism".

Doriot died of lung cancer in 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts.