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INSEAD Women in Business (IWiB) is a student club which aims to create more opportunities for women to become stronger leaders and future role models. IWiB was created in 2005 to promote awareness of gender diversity issues in the business world, across the INSEAD community, and beyond. IWiB aims to be a forum for discussion and networking for anyone promoting gender diversity within the business community. Furthermore, IWiB aims to leverage its alumni network and INSEAD’s existing corporate relationships to provide ongoing career services and mentorship for its members.


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INSEAD Manbassador


In 2017, the promotion of INSEAD MBA 18J launched a men-driven gender equality initiative: Manbassador. Together with the Women In Business Club, they help to tackle issues around gender equality. More specifically, Manbassador aims to get more men involved in the discussion, as they are part of the solution.

Initially started as an academic club by MBA students, Manbassador aims to create a ripple effect that spreads beyond the classroom and that reaches out to the bigger community, as part of INSEAD objective to make business a force for good.

For more information, contact Antoine Clavier, President, INSEAD Manbassador.

What is a Manbassador?
A Manbassador is a male ally to gender diversity issues who promotes gender equality.

What is the purpose?
To promote gender equality on campus and to equip men to create more inclusive workplaces by building an engaged group of men on campus who:

  • Learn about gender dynamics
  • Identify and understand their own unconscious biases
  • Support and advocate for women

Why is this necessary?
In short, women face discrimination and challenges that men don’t as a result of unconscious (or unfortunately sometimes conscious) biases. From a workplace context, this leads to fewer opportunities for development, progression and promotion. From a moral perspective, this difference in opportunity is just wrong. From an academic and business perspective, research overwhelmingly indicates that this is negative for the performance of an organization and society more broadly. There is a lot of research that corroborates this and other related points.

What exactly are Manbassadors doing?
We organize events to break the psychological and cultural barriers to get men involved and interested in gender equality:

  • Men are invited to sign a pledge of actions they are willing to take inside and outside of INSEAD
  • We run unconscious bias trainings
  • We created the “Guy Talks”, small social events where small groups of men speak about gender issues faced in the workplace
  • We invited Guest Speakers who have established similar programs in their companies or who otherwise have expertise in this area
  • We represent INSEAD and actively participate at official events focused on gender equality issues such as events organized by HeForShe and LeanIn

INSEAD Women in Business Global Club


Our mission is to create a sustainable structure that supports the continued global advancement of women through individual development, community creation, and cultural change. Run by students and alumni in 13 club chapters located in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East, we strive to empower and connect global INSEAD alumnae and the entire alumni community.

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If you have any questions related to the INSEAD Gender Initiative, we are here to help you.

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