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Si Yi Ng

Research Associate


Additional Information
Research Areas
  • The Organizational Culture in Netflix
  • Equity Fund Managers Education
  • Founders’ Titles of Start-up Companies
  • Correlation Between the Amount of Money Managers Invest into Funds and their Performance During Covid-19


Si Yi is the Research Assistant at the INSEAD Research Department. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a minor degree in Business from Nanyang Technological University. Her main project is the quarterly Thomson Reuters/INSEAD Asian Business Sentiment Survey to gauge business sentiment on the near-term prospects of the sectors and regions. Responses are obtained from senior corporate leaders of 11 countries in various sectors. The survey is conducted on a quarterly basis each year. She manages the database with information on the top listed companies across the 11 countries. On top of this, she provides research support for different faculty areas.