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Philippe Slioussarenko

Philippe Slioussarenko

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Coaching languages: English, French

For more than 30 years Philippe has acted as a personal coach to international clients (Corporate and individuals) to increase their personal effectiveness and performance levels at key points of their professional development:  joining new organizations, climbing the various professional ladders, creating and strengthening virtual and international teams, organizing transitions (M&A), restructuring, strategic repositioning, succession planning.

His practice of coaching is based on the following values and fundamentals:

  1. The belief in the human ability to change, while acknowledging that change can be difficult and therefore resisted.
  2. Each individual is creative, resourceful and whole. Everyone has the answers or can find the answers. The coach's job is to ask questions, not to find the answers. Clients are more resourceful, more effective and generally more satisfied when they find their own answers
  3. The partner relationship: The client and the coach work together to design a partnership that meets the client's needs. This relationship is like having a personal navigator of your life: someone who will help you find your way and stay on course
  4. The agenda comes from the client not from the coach. The relationship is entirely focused on getting the results clients want

Some specific benefits of his interventions include:

  1. Clarifying what you want: your purpose and vision; articulate your desires and aspirations; setting effective goals.
  2. Having someone to keep you focused, challenge you, keep you accountable and confront you when you are falling behind your commitments.
  3. Having a sounding board for your ideas, plans and strategies.