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Ning Wang

Ethicist and a political scientist, University of Zurich


Additional Information


I am an ethicist and a political scientist based in Switzerland since 2010. I hold a PhD degree in Biomedical Ethics and Law from University of Zurich, and two Master’s degrees in Applied Ethics and Political Science obtained in Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands. In between my academic endeavours, I led projects on ethics policy development for international organisations across government, industry, and NGOs. As a strong advocate of bottom-up forces for social change, I am dedicated to bridging the gap between science and society, with active engagement in influential non-academic institutions such as the World Economic Forum and the IEEE.

I have broad research interests in the ethics assessment and responsible governance of emerging and future technologies, such as robotics, autonomous systems, and generative AI. Through empirical studies of these transformative technologies of both enabling and disruptive nature, I aim to address the ethical, social, and regulatory challenges novel and complex technologies pose to society, explore responsive analytical approaches in the understanding and evaluation of them, and propose practical governance tools for the design, development, and use of them. Conceptually, I am interested in exploring philosophical notions such as identity, agency, autonomy, responsibility, justice, and the good life. Methodologically, I seek to draw on insights gained through trans-disciplinary research in co-creation processes.