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Emmanuel Bompy

Additional Information

Certified coach by Transformance , MBTI and TMS certified, Trained in Process Communication, Human Element (Schutz) and Transactional analysis.Logotherapist. Associate member of SFCoach (Société Française de Coaching)

My professional career is like a Rubik’s cube:
3 types of education (Aeronautics engineer, INSEAD MBA'85J, Executive coach certification), 3 types of positions (Sales & Marketing Executive, BU Director, Strategy & Change consultant and coach), within 3 types of environment and management culture (French, US and Japanese companies).

I can help you to take a step back before choosing or filling a new position or function, meeting a new challenge or making a difficult change decision, while maintaining the right balance and consistency across all levels of meaning.

I bring my clients a special attention to what needs to be changed or kept to be successful within their new environment or context.

One of my favourite quotes: “Happy those Execs who know how to laugh at themselves, because they will never stop having fun”