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Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones

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Registered Analytic-Network Coach and accredited Hogan, CCL, MBTI, EQ-i  Gallup Strengths, and Power+Systems facilitator. Member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations, the Eco-Leadership Institute,  the Systems Centred Training & Research Institute and the Asia-Pacific Alliance of Coaches.

Coaching language: English

Andrew is an Executive Coach, Facilitator & Teacher, with over 30 years of global leadership experience based in Asia, and he has been an external career coach at INSEAD since 2012. He studied Coaching at Ashridge Business School, UK and holds the INSEAD Masters in Coaching & Consulting for Change.

Andrew navigated his own career transition from  Deutsche Bank AG to launch his Coaching business in 2012 to pursue his passion: helping professionals to identify their purpose and realise it. At Deutsche for 13.5 years, he held various leadership roles as Managing Director of global  HR, Operations & IT teams. Before that, he started his career in the UK and moved to Kuwait for HR consulting and corporate roles in the 90’s.

Andrew works with a wide range of leaders and professionals to C-level, where career progress and leadership development are always intertwined. His style, tools and processes are tailored to the client’s objectives. When career counselling, he partners with clients along the whole development cycle from self-awareness through career strategy, personal branding, networking skills, interviewing, and contract negotiation to plotting a course for the first 90 days and beyond. Andrew builds a close and trusting relationship with his client. He keeps the client’s perspectives central and strives for new insights by exploring what is going on, both in the material the client offers and in the conversation as it unfolds. He facilitates the client to develop their behaviours or solve their own problems in the context of all the systems they belong to. He connects his coaching ability with his Leadership & HR experience to offer confidential counsel to leaders, who need a sparring partner, with whom they can test out new ideas, or be challenged.