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The INSEAD LaunchPad is our first alumni start-up accelerator, and it is located inside the world’s largest start-up campus – STATION F in Paris. More than just a workspace, alumni-led start-ups from all sectors and industries can take their ventures to the next stage through LaunchPad events and connections, and the many resources in the STATION F ecosystem. The LaunchPad actively promotes the vision of a connected global INSEAD start-up community and raises the profile of Paris as a leading centre for entrepreneurship.

Peter Zemsky
Deputy Dean, Dean of Innovation
Professor of Strategy


The INSEAD LaunchPad Program

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Key Dates

Intakes twice per year starting in January and July.
Application deadline: 30 November
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Start of January Intake: 3 January



Startups founded by INSEAD alumni that are ready for or have a MVP. All industries are welcomed and at least 1 INSEAD alum must be onsite at STATION F.





Relive the INSEAD LaunchPad Ignition Event with STATION F on 17 January 2018!


Getkey Logo - Launchpad


Getkey is a real estate platform which allows vendors to optimize their property visibility, increase the accuracy of potential buyers and reduce fees.

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Softomaton is a low code solutions that provides automated high standard codes for the most recurring features in a developer's work. Foundation is delivering e-government products and services.

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DIGITAIKA develops Create and share videos in minutes by converting automatically your presentations, documents, audio recordings into engaging online videos.

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Smarter Plan

SmarterPlan is a technology platform offering two products based on 3D digitization of real estate and cultural heritage sites: Building Intelligence 3D, for real estate portfolios and facility management, and immersive virtual tours for cultural institutions.

Headline Logo - Launchpad


Information impacts your life. HEADLINE is a multimedia platform connecting content producers and audience for in-depth journalism.

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Automi Logo - Launchpad


Automi is an edge computing platform for factory automation.

Bien Sur Logo - Launchpad

Bien Sûr

Bien Sûr is developing France's first fully digital and automated self-storage centres.

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Sama Sidekicks

Sama Sidekicks offers parental assistance to busy parents of toddlers and preschoolers through curated inspiration and reduced admin work.

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Tremau is a technology start-up focused on developing innovative solutions to assist actors across the digital industry mitigate their regulatory and operational risks.

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NBS Factory Logo - Launchpad

NBS Factory

The NBS factory is the ESG-Yuka for Brands. It evaluates how brands ESG activities are perceived by their external stakeholders, and advice on improvements by allowing them to adjust their portfolio of products, of services, their communication & marketing to inspire positivity and change towards a better consumption.


Streeme is a SaaS career and job search coaching platform. It helps business schools digitize their career development journeys and centralize all their tools and resources in one place offering their users a digital experience.

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Ormex Logo - Launchpad


ORMEX is the first digital platform in France, based on blockchain technology, helping farmers to calculate the carbon emissions that can be stored in their agricultural soils through regenerative practices, and then sell their carbon credits at a fair price to big industrial group and mid-size companies, willing to offset their carbon impact.

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Metavonics Logo - Launchpad


Metavonics delivers the first open modular avionics platform specifically tailored to eVTOLs.

Carom Logo - Launchpad


Carom is a mobile app that empowers professionals to socialize through real-life member-hosted experiences.

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oZE Green Logo - Launchpad


Zero emission driving to impact the planet and the people.

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Nabook Logo - Launchpad


Nabook is the streaming reading platform that converts children's screen time (7 to 14 yo) into reading time through an engaging experience.

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Mundo Novo Logo - Launchpad

Mundo Novo

Mundo Novo designs, develops and sells pourover coffee machines that replicates the pourover process while allowing users to customize their recipes. 

Curto News Logo - Launchpad

Curto News

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we access and consume content, and Curto News is embracing AI as an essential tool to democratize quality journalism. We will develop AI-powered tools for producing and consuming content.

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Cloud Fence Logo - Launchpad

Cloud Fence

Cloud-fence helps organizations boost their Cloud Security and Visibility in minutes by seamlessly bringing Cloud Network Security and Continuous Posture Management into the same dashboard.

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Optistream Logo - Launchpad


Optistream proposes an innovative solution to help CIO, Business & CISO to jointly steer cybersecurity at strategic level : balancing security, economics & performance.

Taqa Me Logo - Launchpad

Taqa Me

At, we are on a mission to make MENA healthy through personalized nutrition.

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Ultra Motors Logo - Launchpad

Ultra Motors

Ultra Motors builds a sustainable hybrid-electric truck with a 1,400km range. (The vehicle is fuel-agnostic and works on electricity, hydrogen, biogas, methanol, and other zero emission and carbon-neutral fuels and features an unrivalled life of 2 mln km and lowest cost of ownership. Each vehicle cuts 100 metric tons CO2 emissions per year.)

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