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Startup Bootcamp - INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship

The INSEAD Startup Bootcamp is an intensive and interactive weekend of training designed to test one’s entrepreneurial appetite and jumpstart the entrepreneurial adventure. Participants learn the building blocks of what it takes to create their own venture from the ground-up, including idea generation, team formation, business validation, pitching to investors and more. Set early in the INSEAD experience, the Startup Bootcamp is an invaluable first step in a student’s entrepreneurial journey at INSEAD.

Registration for the Online Startup Bootcamp are now open : 

Note: The content of the bootcamp will be delivered and lead by different set of bootcamp leader(s) on the respective campus.  There will be a time difference for the online version of the bootcamp. Please be aware of the correct timezone before confirming your registration and payment.


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  • Do I need a venture idea to join the bootcamp?
    You don’t need a venture idea to participate. On the first day, participants will vote on the best ideas that will get chosen to be built out into real investor pitches over the weekend. Small teams of 3-4 will be formed around these ideas on the first evening.

  • Is there a minimum age or work experience level required to attend the Startup Bootcamp?
    No, there is no minimum age or work experience requirement.

  • I have another appointment during the bootcamp. Can I miss portions of the weekend?
    The bootcamp is very intense and immersive. We expect that you will be present for the entire session, especially since you are working in teams and your teammates are counting on your contribution.

  • Something came up. Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?
    Please check the EventBrite registration page for the cancelation policy specific to your bootcamp.

  • Is the bootcamp open to non-INSEAD students?
    On occasion, the bootcamp is available to INSEAD partners or a startup business partner. Please refer to the EventBrite registration page to see if seats are available or contact us at [email protected].

  • I had the best time working on my venture! Now what? 
    We’re thrilled you are keen on moving forward with your venture! We invite you to discuss the concept further with our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and apply to the INSEAD Venture Competition.

  • Do I need to book a room (for GEMBA students)? 
    There is no accommodation booked by the Startup Bootcamp organiser. Working sessions are very intense and usually end up late (around 11:00pm).
    If you are traveling before or after an INSEAD programme specifically to join the Bootcamp, you will have to book your accommodation in advance.