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Faculty & Research


Albert A. Angehrn

Professor of Information Technology


Additional Information
Research Areas
  • Management Learning and Decision Making
  • Virtual Communities
  • Advanced Simulations
  • Intelligent Agents
  • Internet Strategies
  • Collaboration Dynamics
  • Cross-cultural Issues
Teaching Areas
  • International Executive Programme (IEP)
  • Web Trends & Strategies (MBA)
  • INSEAD Executive Education CSPs
  • INSEAD Online
Industry Sectors
  • Automobiles
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Household Goods & Textiles
  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunication Services


Albert Angehrn is a Professor of Information Technology at INSEAD. His research activities concentrate on the impact of information and communication technologies and networks on learning, change, and collaboration processes within and across organisations, and on the design of innovative solutions to management learning, including the design of advanced simulations, intelligent agents, and virtual learning spaces.

His research work has received various international awards, and his publications may be found in academic journals, such as Communications of the ACM, Journal of Management Information Systems, European Management Journal, Interfaces, Interacting with Computers, Information Systems Management, Human Systems Management, Decision Support Systems, European Journal of Operations Research; and his articles are published in The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal. He has also contributed to chapters of several books.

Professor Angehrn has directed the INSEAD Executive Education programmes 'Competing in the Information Age' and 'Leadership in the Knowledge Society (LinKS)' and has offered MBA courses including 'Organisational Computing' and 'CyberEntrepreneurship', as well as workshops, such as 'Are European managers ready for leadership in the Information Society' for The European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) and an international executive workshop 'Value Creation with Communities of Practice (CoP Workshop)'. He is currently active in presenting his latest research via INSEAD Online.

In the frame of INSEAD's Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies (CALT), Professor Angehrn has designed a variety of multimedia and internet-based management learning and development tools through the CALT portfolio of projects, including the EIS Simulation, which is adopted by schools such as Stanford, MIT, Duke or Columbia University, and the LingHe Simulation, which allows managers to experience the challenge of interacting and driving change within a Chinese organisation.

Professor Angehrn explores new effective ways to model and improve learning, change, and collaboration processes at the individual, group, organisational, inter-organisational, and community levels. His research projects have been sponsored by European Community Research Funds and the European Space Agency. His academic and industry partners for these projects have included IKEA from Sweden, IBM and HP from the United States, Pfizer, SAP and BMW from Germany, the FIAT Group and Unicredit from Italy, French Eutelsat, the Scottish Government, the Danish Finance Ministry, and the Swedish Trade Council.

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