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Here is a sample of what participants have to say about the value of the Value Creation for Owners and Directors programme.

There’s a certain duality – a schizophrenia, in a sense – in operating as the CEO and co-owner of a company while simultaneously managing the needs of a new, incoming board and new stakeholders. There are lots of moving parts to manage, not least of which is the need to divide up responsibilities between management and the board. I was looking for perspectives on different roles, and I knew that INSEAD was a safe set of hands.

Alexander Rosenlew

CEO and Co-owner, Orthex Group

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From the relatable and practicable approach to understanding value creation for organizations, to formulating strategic frameworks for implementation and evaluation; every minute on the VCOD plus money spent was well worth the experience which I would describe as truly transformative.

Emana Ambrose-Amawhe, Lead Consultant/Managing Partner, Dzoay Media Ltd

VCOD went way beyond my expectations and helped me to build a fresh perspective on the role of Owners and Directors into value creation. Diversity of the group is a testimony to the global relevance of the programme and I am looking forward to keeping in touch with the students. We still have a lot to learn and share!

Frédéric Desbrosses, GM, Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Excellent course to frame key issues faced by owners and directors and teach tools to enhance performance of board & company.

Board Member, Renolit SE - Germany

The programme widened my horizon in creation of value both to the owners and management of a company.

Non-Executive Director, ASO Savings and Loans - Nigeria

Very focused and intensive. The programme is a great learning experience about a critical area of corporate governance.

Group Chief Financial Officer, Platinum Corporation - UAE

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