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Master Programmes

Students of the INSEAD Master in Business Administration

Master in Business Administration

Designed for early to mid-career professionals, this programme will develop your full potential and open doors to global career opportunities.

At a Glance
10 Months
Two Intakes
January and August
Starting Campus
France or Singapore

Elective Courses

Economics & Political Science

This intensive core curriculum gives you a foundation in the fundamental practices of business including finance, accounting, marketing, economics, leadership, strategy, business ethics, and broad management skills essential to succeed in any career.

Agile Bootcamp

This mini-elective takes place over two days where we will use simulations and role-plays to experience Agile. It will include discussions with guest speakers with knowledge of Agile organisations. The purpose is to better understand what Agile is, how it works and how we can make it work in different kinds of environments.

Financial Crisis and Crisis Management

Deep financial crises are among the most traumatic experiences for societies and businesses. Understanding and anticipating such a macroeconomic accident is essential for both for policy makers and for business leaders. The objective of this course is to understand how countries get into financial crisis and what are the trade-offs that decision-makers face in crisis: bail out, austerity, conditionality, debt restructuring, and contagion. Using case studies to examine why the crisis occurred, how it was managed and how it changed the global monetary system, students can conclude with analysing the strength of the global financial safety net and its increasing regionalisation and fragmentation.

Advanced Game Theory

This class shows students how to use game theory to give an analytic treatment of business problems. The target audience is those who are intrigued by the game theory presented in the core class and would like to gain a deeper understanding of such analytic methods. We will touch on issues such as: How can you affect your rival's actions? How can you signal your talent to potential employers? We will include applications to financial markets and the financial crisis.

Economics and Management in Developing Countries

To be an effective manager in emerging country markets, it is essential to understand the opportunities these countries offer and the constraints that managers and businesses face in such countries. In this course, students will tackle current issues such as: the debate on the failure of aid, the telecom revolution in the creation of new markets and services, the role of foreign direct Investment, the role of the new emerging economic powers, attempts of multinationals to innovate in emerging markets and their varying success record and strategies to deal with corruption.

Healthcare Markets and Policy

For students planning a career in the health care sector, or with innovative organisations that interact with the health care sector, having a comprehensive understanding of the growing role of the health and health care sectors in the economy is essential. This course examines the role of government in the financing and delivery of health care, and how government decisions affect firm strategy and behaviour. It will also provide context and analysis on health care cost growth and containment strategies.

Income Inequality & the Future of Business

Growing inequality is one of the biggest social, economic and political challenges of our time. The concentration of wealth at the very top is part of a much broader rise in disparities all along the income distribution. While people at the top enjoy increasing income and employment opportunities, the middle-class face narrowing employment options and stagnating incomes. In this course, students will gain an understanding of the causes and implications of these changes for both society and for business, and explore in greater detail one of the major issues facing businesses and governments today.