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Negotiation Fundamentals

This fully on-demand programme will enable you to learn the key negotiation concepts and skills, giving you the grounding to start becoming a sophisticated negotiator.

Your Learning Journey

Fundamental Negotiation Concepts

Module 1

Fundamental Negotiation Concepts

  • Gain a solid understanding of science-based negotiation knowledge, which involves fundamental parameters in every negotiation
  • Understand how these fundamental parameters help you design negotiation strategies and choose practical moves with a higher likelihood of success
  • Discover and understand well-researched moves such as anchoring, the power of first offers, the effectiveness of framing offers and how to develop a concession making strategy.
Interest Based Negotiation

Module 2

Interest Based Negotiation

  • Examine the elements that allow for a transition from the foundation of bargaining to more sophisticated negotiation processes, which enable negotiators to collaborate and create superior value
  • Understand more sophisticated and challenging aspects of collaborative negotiations including the difference between interests vs positions, building interdependence and trust, and perspective taking
  • In addition to your knowledge, start to improve your negotiation abilities by learning how to ask questions well in negotiations.
How to Compete and Collaborate Simultaneously

Module 3

How to Compete and Collaborate Simultaneously

  • Learn how to push towards higher value creation processes, craft superior deals, structure negotiations, and avoid easy compromises
  • Identify how to prepare for complex negotiations, learn what you want, and how to make essential trade-offs during negotiations
  • Start to work on your negotiation listening abilities.
Bringing it All Together

Module 4

Bringing it All Together

  • Learn how to improve your negotiation advocacy abilities and choose methods that are more likely to persuade your counter-parties.

The Negotiation Fundamentals fully on-demand learning content is specifically designed to bring a balance of learning, practice and reflections, ensuring optimal learning outcomes. Participants can set a flexible learning pace that best suits them and take the programme from anywhere. Your learning journey will last between 6-8 hours. 

Participants have access to the content for 3 months. 

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