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Executive Presence and Influence

Accelerate your self-awareness and practical understanding of communication, body language, trust and the science of influence.

Upcoming Sessions
5 weeks

Programme Director

 Andy Yap

Listen to the podcast: Exploring the hidden levers of leadership

In this podcast Andy Yap, Programme Director of Executive Presence and Influence, shares his insights on leadership. Is there more to leadership than the setting of goals? More than the demonstration of technical abilities to get the job done? Or is good leadership more nuanced than that? Discover the hidden levers of leadership; The levers that play an integral, and often unconscious, role in inspiring confidence in others, gaining trust and drawing people in.

Andy Yap

Watch the video: Using Body Language

Andy Yap, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD speaks about using body language for better business leadership.

Learning Coach

Our Learning Coaches are trained experts, who work closely with Professor Andy Yap in helping participants achieve their learning objectives.

Learning coaches guide the participants in their learning journey, especially for their Action Learning Project.They provide feedback on their styles and capacities in the early stages of the programme so as to steer them in the right direction with respect to developing their leadership presence and influencing skills.