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Strategic Marketing Programme

Discover cutting-edge insights into the strategic elements of marketing and rise to today’s biggest challenges.

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5 days

Content Overview

INSEAD’s Strategic Marketing Programme is a highly practical programme organised around the marketing process with a core focus on designing and executing a marketing plan. Using contemporary case studies, you will gain hands-on experience of marketing in an international context – with learning to take back to your organisation for immediate and lasting impact.

Regardless of your business background or experience in marketing, this programme will equip you with a thorough understanding of marketing strategy and how to make the best use of all the elements of the marketing mix to deliver successful marketing plans in an international context. Topics covered include the following.



Building a competitive and sustainable marketing strategy

  • Devising a brand strategy, including segmentation and pricing
  • Competitive positioning for a brand
  • Building brand architecture
  • Branding for purpose
  • Sustainability as a competitive advantage
  • Marketing as the driver of revenue and profit growth


Understanding the changing environment and how it is shaping marketing strategy and execution

  • What are the megatrends shaping marketing strategy
  • How do you identify those that are most relevant for your business and integrate them into your strategy


Building an agile marketing organisation that can adapt to changes

  • Understand which capabilities are needed to deliver on your strategy and how to build the advanced operations to execute
  • Understand the expanded breadth of marketing’s role in driving growth and how to work successfully across crossfunctional teams to drive customer centricity across the organisation.


Leveraging digital to power growth and customer relationships

  • Understanding your audience: from segmentation to personalisation
  • Developing customer and market insights
  • Anticipating new opportunities to identify growth areas
  • Growing the customer solutions area: new value propositions and subscription models
  • Role of digital and data in giving you a competitive advantage

Turn theory into practice with a marketing strategy simulation game

During the programme you will have plenty of opportunity, through the case study method and through a marketing strategy simulation game, to experiment with turning theory into practice – so that you return to your role with immediately actionable tools, skills and confidence. The simulation will enable you to:

  • Fine-tune your own understanding of the knowledge you have acquired, taking you out of your comfort zone but in a safe and risk-free environment
  • Develop leadership skills for customer-centricity, innovation, sustained growth and team performance
  • Gain a clear view of the whole marketing process from customer insights to innovation, marketing deployment and value creation.