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Negotiation Dynamics

Develop your personal negotiation signature in a challenging, action-oriented, international environment.

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3 days

Content Overview

The best way to become a strong negotiator is to practice. In Negotiation Dynamics participants learn through a combination of presentations, interactive exercises, group consultation sessions on real negotiating challenges and a series of hands-on simulations. They are encouraged to share experiences and test new ideas in the safe environment of the classroom.

After the programme, participants will be more effective and reflective negotiators. With the help of a conceptual framework, they will be able to better diagnose problems and craft outcomes that are more valuable and more likely to be accepted by other parties, thus building consensus inside and outside of their organisations. 

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Understand the process no matter the environment

The excellent negotiator prepares strategically, recognises the available choices, seeks value, carefully communicates and is proactive in leading the process. By focusing on the process, negotiators can become excellent independently of the situation they find themselves in. Spanning many different nationalities, cultures, industries and functions and based on a tested cross-cultural negotiation system, you will be immersed in a 100% cross-cultural experience.


Strategy and implementation: learn to think and do

To consistently perform at the highest level, negotiators need to have an iterative process of thinking clearly and implementing effectively. Engage in a series of hands-on simulations set in domestic and international contexts with exercises that emphasise the psychological and procedural aspects of bargaining, promote value creation and distribution, as well as clarify the role of trust. There will also be a special focus on organised preparation and process analysis

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There is no single ‘right’ way to negotiate

Every person has strengths and weaknesses, particularities and preferences that are different and unique. Avoid delivering a generic approach that would surely fall short of expectations and instead invest in a delivery that is highly customisable for each individual. Learn from the experiences of others, experiment with new ideas in a safe environment, become aware of what you do well to develop new skills to complement those you already possess.


Coaching can be a transformational experience, complementing in-class learning. When paired with training, coaching has been shown to significantly help change behaviour in 85% of cases.

Unique to INSEAD, our post-programme coaching takes the form of a two-hour virtual workshop that can be used within one month of completing the programme. Run by experienced coaches, you will get:

  • Further support once you have left INSEAD to ensure you are applying the content and theory learnt on the programme
  • Further help with increasing your productivity once back at work