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Leading Change in an Age of Digital Transformation

Drive faster decision-making, accelerate change processes and capture the advantages of digital disruption.

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4 days

Content Overview

Leading Change in an Age of Digital Transformation is designed to enhance the critical competencies needed to lead this unique challenge. Specifically, the programme elevates your leadership capabilities in these key areas:

  • Clearly articulating the strategic imperatives and pathways
  • Conceptualising and visualising the process
  • Igniting and initiating change: scaling up digital incubation
  • Anticipating and diagnosing resistance
  • Sequencing and linking change actions over time
  • Motivating and inspiring others
  • Uncovering and building social capital for change
  • Sustaining, integrating and making change the new "business as usual"

Digital transformation initiatives can be structured into four main phases. For each phase of change, we examine the following specific and critical questions:

  • Can you clearly articulate the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of your digital transformation pathway?
  • WHAT is the vision, purpose, and objective(s) of your digital transformation?
  • WHY is digital transformation important to your business and the organisation?
  • WHAT options have you explored before designing your digital pathway?
  • WHO have you engaged in the exploration stage?
  • Why are digital threats and opportunities so hard for some constituent groups or key individuals to see?
  • How can you help people visualise and emotionally connect to the value and impact of digital transformation?
  • What are the most common ignition pitfalls and why do smart people fall into them? How can you avoid them?
  • Can you anticipate early adopters and resistors?
  • Who do you need as early adopters and how do you secure their engagement?
  • How can you motivate the “majority in the middle” to embrace your digital transformation?
  • Which resisters should you ignore and which should you tackle?
  • After launch, how do you throttle up the enthusiasm to gain momentum to scale up?
  • Why do transformations that achieve a successful launch and even scaling fail to reach “escape velocity” and fall back to earth?
  • How can you re-formulate the informal networks in addition to the formal structures?
  • How can you re-energise yourself and others once the initial excitement peters out?
  • At what point do you need to operationalise and normalise the “new operating model” for digital to become “business as usual”?

The Live Case Application Approach

The programme is designed for participants to explore company case studies that illustrate and illuminate core concepts and tools, and apply the concepts and tools to their own “live case”. Participants are required to come to the session with a current or near future digital transformation project, to allow you to apply the learnings and concepts to this project in real-time.

Walk away with a detailed change plan and have concrete answers to the following critical questions:

  • What are my personal strengths and potential pitfalls in leading digital change?
  • What actions do I need to take to ensure I’m prepared to lead the change?
  • How do I plan to achieve effective initial ignition?
  • Who do I need to enlist from the outset?
  • Where do I anticipate resistance to come from and how do I plan to overcome it?
  • How do I plan to motivate the “majority in the middle”?
  • What pitfalls do I think are most relevant for my digital transformation and how do I plan to sidestep them?
  • How do I plan to keep myself energised along the way?
  • How do I plan to sustain the success and ensure that the transformation sticks?