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Executive Education

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Entrepreneurship: New Business Ventures

Master a set of core entrepreneurial skills and competencies, and build the right mindset to ensure the prosperity of your entrepreneurial business ventures.

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5 days

Content Overview

Entrepreneurship: New Business Ventures is an immersive five-day programme that equips you with the understanding, tools, skills and mindset to build, scale and grow your new business ideas. The programme draws deeply on cutting-edge research and fully leverages the expertise of INSEAD’s world-class faculty. You will explore new ideas and real-life cases that bring concept to life within an international peer group of fellow entrepreneurs. And you will have the chance to test and apply your learning directly on your own business idea.



Ideas and Models

  • Discover where good ideas come from and how to generate new concepts
  • Learn how to spot and evaluate promising business opportunities
  • Explore how to envision, create and exploit business models, and how to test ideas for their potential value
  • Understand the process of establishing product-market fit
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Teams and Boards

  • Explore the importance of a strong team and being a strong leader
  • Learn how to build a great team that maps to the needs of specific ventures
  • Discover how to structure the interaction with boards and build alignment and cohesion
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Investors and Partners

  • Investigate the relationship between investors and ventures from both an investor and an entrepreneur’s perspective
  • Learn how to determine the right investors for your venture and how they can best create value
  • Transform how you leverage your network by learning how to identify, assess, and interact with partners as a means of building and developing your venture
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Scaling and Organisation

  • Learn how to scale your venture both internally and externally - from operations and supply chains to new types of customers
  • Master how to successfully organise your new business venture
  • Discover how to integrate and execute an exit plan if desired
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Pitching and Pursuing

  • Build on and transform your sales skills by practice-pitching new ventures to a live audience
  • Bring it all together: Leverage your learning to push your start-up, new ventures or intrapreneurial projects to the next level