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Here is a sample of what participants have to say about their experience of the Entrepreneurship: New Business Ventures programme. 

You fully expect INSEAD to deliver the knowledge and the tools that you need. What is just fantastic though, is the access you have to faculty who are world class. And the networking opportunities are second to none. During the programme, you have this interpersonal dynamic with your peers that happens during class time and on campus, and the added value is huge.

Patricie Kubesova

Entrepreneur and Investor

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The programme was never boring, no matter how familiar you are with the concepts. Our professor did an excellent job with the material, illustrating key ideas and facilitating breakthroughs in our thinking and understanding

Simon Kelton

Entrepreneur and Founder

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INSEAD's Entrepreneurs' Programme operates as an intensive, energetic and powerful sense check of all your assumptions, ideas and expectations as a founder. Whether you are considering a new business or have a lifetime of entrepreneurial experience, the course if full of challenging, practical and supporting insight.

Simon Kelton, Co-Founder & Director, PepperHQ Ltd.

I’d say it’s a live shot – a once-in-a-lifetime shot – at sidestepping the traps and mistakes we all tend to make with new ventures. You walk away with an extraordinary decision-making toolkit for creating a new company. I would truly, madly and deeply recommend this programme to anyone looking to start or scale up.

Patricie Kubesova, Entrepreneur and Investor

Very interesting lab, academic and concrete content, great collective dynamic... a LOT of food for thought

Laetitia Olivier, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, BEGOOD.

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