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Executive Education


International Directors Programme

A unique educational experience that aims to develop effective directors for the global business scene.

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3.5 + 3.5 + 3 days

Content Overview

The International Directors Programme consists of three modules – board effectiveness and dynamics; board decision-making and oversight; and director effectiveness and development — which represent the knowledge base that trained directors are expected to master and which form the basis of effective board membership.

Within each module, the programme will focus on three fundamental questions:

  • What do directors need to know in order to set the direction of the company?
  • What are the proper boundaries within which the company should operate?
  • How best can directors exercise their responsibilities to get things done in the boardroom?
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Board fundamentals: responsibility, effectiveness, decision making, and strategy

The fundamentals of director and board effectiveness, and the main governance challenges.

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Board dynamics, efficiency and the role of committees

CEO-Board dynamics and conflicts.

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Developing directors and their boards

Put your skills into practice through a board simulation, 360 evaluation of director strengths and development opportunities, and group coaching techniques for director improvement.