Application Process
and Practical Information



A complete application form must be submitted to the Executive Education Open-Enrolment Admissions and Customer support team.

An application is only considered complete if it has been signed by all the relevant parties:

  1. The applicant
  2. Sponsor(s), if applying through your employer

The Admissions Committee reviews all applications to ensure that each participant fulfils the requirements and any pre-requisite request for the programme. The Admissions Team will then confirm if you are accepted onto the programme.

Should you not be admitted onto your chosen programme, a follow-up conversation between you and the programme advisor is conducted to determine which other programme might be suitable or relevant.

  1. Contact an expert advisor for programme information and for guidance through the process
  2. Submit your complete application form
  3. Receive acceptance notification email by the Admissions Team
  4. Make payment for the programme upon receipt of the invoice
Before submitting your application, please ensure that all relevant documents have been included so that your application is complete.
  • Session you are applying for
  • Exact company name, contact and address for invoicing (if applicable)
  • Objectives in attending the programme
  • VAT number (for countries in the EU)
  • CV and updated employment record
  • Company application form (when requested)
  • Candidate and sponsor's signatures

As of 1st September 2018, 20% VAT will apply and should be paid for all participants attending programmes less than 8 days in France.

In the case of modular programmes, each module is considered as a separate programme for VAT purposes. Modules of a duration of less than 8 consecutive days excluding weekends shall also bear 20% VAT.

If your business is registered in EU countries you can file a VAT return online (in most regions).

How to claim your VAT refund?
You can claim your VAT refund online, via the authorities in the country where your business is based. If you are eligible for a refund, the authorities will pass on your claim to the authorities in the other country. The VAT refund procedure is harmonised at EU level. Here is a summary of the VAT refund process outlining the responsibilities of the national tax authorities.

A VAT number still needs to be provided.

Whom should I contact for questions related to my refund?
Your primary contact is the supplier / VAT refund agent mentioned in your VAT refund documents. To be sure that you have the correct information, you may also check with the national contact points.
If your business is registered in non-EU countries

Businesses not based in the European Union shall be entitled to deduct that VAT. Please contact your local Tax Advisor for the VAT refund procedure.
More information can be found on the following link: 
Please note that the information provided here is not INSEAD Legal advice, you may need to check with your local authority or tax advisor.

For admitted participants and depending on the programme, an invoice will be sent to the person indicated on the application form as from 4 months before the beginning of the programme.

Payment is due on receipt of the invoice and should be received before the course starts. Further payment details are given on the invoice.

Any queries regarding invoice matters for programmes on the Fontainebleau campus may be directed to [email protected].

Any queries regarding invoice matters for programmes on the Asia and Abu Dhabi campuses may be directed to the Admissions Team at [email protected].

The programme fee covers tuition, course materials, lunches on working days as well as the opening and closing dinners. It does not include travel, accommodation and other incidentals.

Participants will have to settle accommodation expenses and other incidentals before the end of the programme.

Given the on-going impact of COVID-19 and the implications on you and your organisation as we learn to navigate the crisis on both a personal and professional level, we have reviewed our application policy so that we may continue to support your future development plans.

From now until 31st August 2021 our cancellation policy has been relaxed to give you some peace of mind and to relieve you from the pressure of applying. Submitted applications for live virtual, blended or face-to-face open programmes will not be liable to the standard cancellation fee. Instead, participants are welcome to transfer - free of charge - to a future session or an alternative programme, within 12 months of the original programme date (space permitting). We simply ask you to notify us three weeks in advance so that we may manage the transfer as efficiently as possible.

From 1st September 2021, the below cancellation and transfer policy applies to live virtual, blended and face-to-face programmes. For more details, please speak to a programme advisor.

Please note that cancellation of participation (including substitutions/transfers/postponement) must be confirmed in writing (via email).

+1 month before start
30-15 days before start
14 days or less before start


Full refund


50% of the programme fee


100% of the programme fee


No fee


No fee


No fee

For more details, please refer to Open Enrolment Programmes: Cancellation Policy.

Depending on your nationality and on which campus you will be taking the programme, you might need to apply for a visa. Please check directly with the local embassy. If you do need a visa, please contact the Executive Education Admissions & Customer support team and they will be happy to provide you with a formal invitation to help you in the process.

For application on Europe Campus, contact:
Samia Sadoun on +33 (0)1 60 72 44 04
[email protected]

For application on Asia Campus, contact:
Tan Ai Lin on +65 67 99 53 77
[email protected]

For application on Abu Dhabi Campus, contact:
Henrike Lavender on +971 2 651 5200
[email protected]


Taking an Executive Education programme is an important investment in your development. As a participant, you want to be in the most suitable programme with the best impact and your company needs to view it as an investment worth making. Therefore, you sometimes need to build a ‘business case’ to clearly outline why the programme is appropriate. You may need to demonstrate the value and benefits of INSEAD’s Executive Education programmes for your organisation, your department, your team and yourself.

We have put together a document that details some of the additional expenses that you may incur while on a programme at INSEAD. Please note that this is for your reference only, as further information will be given to you at the time of your registration.

Your dedicated programme coordinator will be in touch around 8 weeks prior to your programme start date to communicate information about accommodation.

The approximate cost of on-campus accommodation in Fontainebleau is €850 per week, in Singapore S$1540 per week, and in Abu Dhabi AED 6300 per week.

For more information on accommodation on Fontainebleau campus click here. 

For more information on accommodation on Singapore campus click here. 

For more information on accommodation on Abu Dhabi campus click here.

Both Fontainebleau and Singapore campuses have:

  • A Research & Learning Hub with books, periodicals and online access to business and management issues
  • A restaurant in which lunches are served buffet-style, with a wide variety allowing you to select dishes according to taste and dietary requirements
  • A health and fitness centre on the Fontainebleau campus and within easy access of the Singapore campus
  • A bookshop selling a wide variety of business books, international newspapers and magazines, stationery, basic toiletries, postcards, maps and souvenirs

Our Abu Dhabi Campus, centrally located in downtown Abu Dhabi, is INSEAD’s regional hub to the Middle East.

  • Five-star catering is supplied at the Centre during each programme, allowing participants to choose from a wide selection of local and international delicacies, and to mingle with one another in the dining room
  • Our Research & Learning Hub is a comfortable and quiet space for studying, housing the latest INSEAD books as well as a small collection of textbooks, general business books, and reference and guide books
  • Participants are housed in nearby hotels, which generally fulfil their health and fitness facility needs, in addition to shops which cater for everyday requirements




The INSEAD Certificate in Corporate Governance offers an opportunity for directors to prove – and improve – their effectiveness and excellence. It is designed to be a global credential for board members operating internationally – one of the first of its kind offered by an academic institution.The certificate attests to a director’s commitment to continuously develop her or his effectiveness and excellence, by applying and building upon the skills and knowledge acquired through successful attendance of the International Directors Programme.

Upon successful completion of the programme, participants can apply for the certificate. The Certificate requires that participants write a paper to prove not only that they have acquired the skills but also that they are able to apply them – and reflect on this application.  That’s the “continuous learning” we like participants to leave the programme with, and the Certification paper is a concrete exercise to induce such an attitude.

Upon successful completion of the International Directors Programme, participants get a 1-year provisional membership access to the exclusive INSEAD alumni network.

Holders of the INSEAD Corporate Governance Certificate become part of the INSEAD alumni community, joining 56,000+ alumni around the world.

Programmes that offer full alumni status include: the Advanced Management Programme, Transition to General Management, the Management Acceleration Programme, LEAP and The Challenge of Leadership, as well as the INSEAD Certificate in Corporate Governance and the Certificate in Global Management. Only graduates of our world-famous MBA and other Master Programmes, and participants from these carefully selected Open Programmes are eligible for this status.

After successful completion of the International Directors Programme, participants are invited to join the IDP Network, a growing community composed of chairs and directors. The IDP Corporate Governance Network also provides guidance to the INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre (ICGC) on INSEAD's future corporate governance offer and possible partnerships, as well as sponsoring joint activities with ICGC for IDP members.

Events such as INSEAD Directors Forum are organised on a regular basis to hand out certificates and as an opportunity to meet, share experiences, and connect with the faculty on the latest developments.

Yes, if you have at least six months to one year of experience working with a board. Participants must demonstrate that they possess the credibility and competencies required to assume board-level responsibilities, and have sufficient exposure to board matters to fully benefit from and contribute to a programme that involves role-play, simulations and exchanges with other participants who sit on boards. 

During the programme, participants go through a Board Process Simulation, where they are assigned different roles on a board of a disguised real company. In addition to that, there is a 360 Degree assessment - a tool which enables leaders to compare their self-perceptions with the observations of colleagues who know them well.

In addition to our core corporate governance offering, INSEAD also offers a selection of Executive Education Open Programmes that are relevant and open to board members, and cover topics that particularly benefit from the mixed participation of directors and executives, including strategy, finance and leadership. Find out more.

All our Open Programmes are taught in English and participants should be able to exchange complex views, listen and learn through the medium of English.

Le Gouvernement Français a pris des engagements forts pour permettre aux entreprises de « former plutôt que de licencier » en prenant à sa charge 100% des frais de formation jusqu’à 1500€ TTC par salarié au chômage partiel.

C’est une opportunité unique pour les entreprises françaises de mettre à profit la période actuelle pour améliorer l’employabilité et la montée en compétences de ses salariés.

Pour en savoir plus et commencer les demarches, nous vous invitons a consulter les sites ci-dessous:

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