HGIBS- Quarterly Update Q2 2020

Published by Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society on 05 Apr 2020

Hoffmann Institute Newsletter (Q2)

The Hoffmann Institute has kept busy with the start of the decade of action for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Here are some of our achievements for this quarter of December 2019 to March 2020.


We supported 7 research projects and received 2 new shout-outs from the Financial Times (FT) for our Business School Research with social impact

Since the beginning of the academic year, the Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society via INSEAD R&D Committee has financed research led by 6 faculty from 4 different academic areas. As the Financial Times crowdsourced best in class impact research in February, two INSEAD faculty were distinguished for conducting research that positively impacts society.

Pierre Chandon co-authored a paper on Which Healthy Eating Nudges Work Best? A Meta-Analysis of Field Experiments, and Matthew Lee co-authored an academic article Gender Bias, Social Impact Framing, and Evaluation of Entrepreneurial Ventures

This adds to INSEAD’s previous recognition for its publications, focusing on sustainable models, inclusion and well-being. Read the article.

Zoe Kinias, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour and the Academic Director of INSEAD’s Gender Initiative, won the 2020 Outstanding Case Writer: Hot Topic award for her first-ever published case, Mirvac: Building Balance (A) & (B) co-authored with INSEAD alumna Felicia A. Henderson, and featuring INSEAD alumna Mirvac CEO Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz.

In line with the drive to increase the positive real-world impact of our research, INSEAD revamped its case publishing platform to include research tags for sustainability, social impact and ethics.

We held 3 research-based conversations affiliated with the World Economic Forum in the SDG tent in Davos

Marking its second year of participation in the SDG Tent in Davos alongside the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Hoffmann Institute convened and facilitated conversations on talent and AI for good, balancing AI productivity and responsibility, and managing inequality. Attended by over 300 people from around the world, these sessions used the latest INSEAD research to inform debates and engage with decision makers from businesses, governments, NGOs, foundations and international organisations. Read the story

We were the academic partner of the ChangeNOW Summit 2020, gathering 28,000 people at the Grand Palais where we held INSEAD’s first Business and Society Forum on Health

For the second year in a row and scaling from Station F to the Grand Palais, the Hoffmann Institute participated as the Academic Partner at the ChangeNOW International Summit – one of the largest positive impact conferences in the world. Partnering with AXA Research Fund and INSEAD’s Healthcare Management Initiative, the Institute convened INSEAD’s first Business and Society Forum focusing on Health (view the program details) to explore research-based solutions related to SDG3 -- Good Health and Well-being – with 200 participants from a multidisciplinary background of academics and practitioners. Learn more here

We partnered with Les Echos to launch their new Club on Responsible Engagement

The Club Les Echos Engagement Responsable was inaugurated on the 30th of January with the Hoffmann Institute as a key partner together, along with Olivier Wyman and Favart. The first guest speaker was Paul Polman, Hoffmann Institute board member and Co-founder & Chair of IMAGINE, an activist corporation and foundation that promotes implementation of the global goals through transformational leadership. Read the full story here

We partnered with Tommy Hilfiger’s Fashion Frontier Challenge to support inclusive fashion

The Tommy Hilfiger Challenge aims to support promising social entrepreneurs to create an inclusive and sustainable world. Beyond its ongoing role in the design and development of the Challenge, INSEAD provides mentorship for the winners, admits them into our INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme, and offers our MBAs and alumni an opportunity to play an instrumental role in the selection process.

We completed INSEAD’s first-ever Community Impact Challenge with 2,300 INSEADers dropping their consumption of single-use plastics

To leverage on the power of INSEAD’s global community, the INSEAD alumni, students, faculty and staff were placed the challenge to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic items from 6 January to 2 February, 2020. This first Impact Community Challenge, organised by a very active group of INSEAD alumni volunteer with the Hoffmann Institute and the INSEAD Alumni Association, counted over 2,300 participants across 85 countries, with involvement from more than 700 companies, with over 500 commitments for circular economy projects. Stay tuned for more on how we did!

We supported 18 students joining the Force for Good practicum to scale Unjani clinics impact in South Africa

Sponsored by the Hoffmann Institute and under the guidance of INSEAD Professor Vikas Aggarwal, the Force for Good practicum continues to support the 2018 Master Strategist Day’s (MSD) chosen non-profit organisation, Unjani network of clinics, to provide affordable healthcare to the world’s underserved communities. Last month also saw the publication of the case “Sustaining the Mission: Strategic Options to Scale Unjani Clinics by 2030” by Professors Steve Chick, Matthew Lee and Ithai Stern, and Ridhima Aggarwal.

500 students took part in the Master Strategist Day to boost the conservation efforts of the Peace Park Foundation in Malawi

INSEAD welcomed the new cohort of 20D by engaging them in local impact community projects, in both Singapore and Fontainebleau as part of their welcome week. Later in their curriculum, the newly founded Hugo Van Berckel Award was offered to the winning team of the Master Strategist Day (MSD), focusing this time on scaling and improving the conservation efforts of the Peace Park Foundation in Malawi. Independently managed by INSEAD, the prize will support the academic and pedagogical efforts of the school, and will be used to help winning teams implement the best strategy to achieve meaningful social impact through the selected organizations.

85 students took our prize-winning SDG Bootcamp

Held on both the Singapore and Fontainebleau campuses, a total of 85 students participated in the elective SDG Bootcamp led by Jackie Stenson and evaluated by INSEAD alumni. Winning the Page Prize for Excellence in Sustainable Business Education in 2019, the Bootcamp gives students a toolkit to address real-world problems in line with action on the SDGs. Read this story written by students sharing their experience to learn more.

60 participants joined our Social Entrepreneurship programme on two campuses

The INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme is a flagship programme of INSEAD’s Business and Society efforts, and it supports and develops leaders to serve society through for and non-profit organisations. Upon completion, the participants become part of an 800-strong global network of ISEP graduates in over 80 countries.

1,300 participants registered to our first ever SDG week offering 14 interactive sessions on two campuses

To highlight the importance and necessity for SDGs in business and society, the Hoffmann Institute, along with INSEAD students clubs, organized the first SDG Week. View programme details. Held on the Singapore and Fontainebleau campuses, it saw an estimated 1,369 registrants for the 14 sessions which covered circular economy, responsible supply chains, to the future of smart construction. Read our SDG Week write up.

We earned an EcoVadis silver medal for our school-wide sustainability efforts

In March, we were awarded a silver medal by EcoVadis, increasing our sustainability score from 52/100 in 2018 to 63/100 in 2020. INSEAD now ranks amongst the top 10% of all companies assessed by EcoVadis.

For a detailed overview of the Hoffmann Institute’s activities, check out our 2018-2019 Activity Report

That is all for this quarter, but do follow us on social media to stay updated! Until then, stay #SDG Smart and see you soon!

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