INSEAD Community Impact Challenge

Published by Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society on 28 Nov 2019

It is smart to act on sustainability, and we can all be part of the sustainability solution. To turn individual actions into a collective movement with global impact, a group of visionnary alumni teamed up with our Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society and the INSEAD Alumni Association to find ways to make it as easy as possible for all of us to take action. This is how the INSEAD Community Impact Challenge came to life.

January 2020 saw the launch of the first-ever INSEAD Community Impact Challenge! This pilot effort sought to tackle one of the world's most urgent sustainability threats: plastic pollution*, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Led by the team of alumni volunteers, the challenge called on INSEAD alumni, students, faculty and staff to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic items from 6 January to 2 February 2020. This Challenge was the opportunity to  unite the global INSEAD community in action, ‘walk the talk’ and be #SDGSMART. By taking action to reduce plastic pollution, we can truly be a force for good. 

The global INSEAD community got mobilized and the collective outcome is impressive... Now complete, the Challenge drew over 2,300 individual participants and 700+ companies from around the world, as well as 500+ commitments to circular economy projects and potentially impacted over 200,000 employees. Alumni, students, staff and faculty from 85 countries participated in the challenge, demonstrating the strength of INSEAD's community as a transformative force for societal progress. 

The Challenge is now in its final phase: participant individual results have been being collected through a final survey. Such results are currently in the process of assessed with the help of BCG to analyze the collective impact of all participants, within the INSEAD community and beyond.

If you took part in the Community Impact Challenge, we would like to thank each of you for participating, acting as an ambassador, or sharing essential encouragement, tips and feedback. Your engagement will shape future INSEAD Community Impact Challenges.

  • You can still join the alumni-run LinkedIn group dedicated to this Challenge here to exchange ideas and encouragement
  • Continue to act as an ambassador in your class, campus, oranization, department or industry sector to engage as many people as possible.
  • Post on your Linkedin profile "I completed the Challenge", tag people on it and use the hashtags #INSEADforGood and #SDGsmart. It really takes only a couple of minutes and has a large impact.
  • Share on your Linkedin profile a photo of your most memorble item and tell us about it. So far we have discovered unexpected, creative ideas !
  • Add your favorite package-free stores on the map of the Insead Community Impact Challenge
  • You can also download our toolkit complete with social media banners, logos and templates to help raise awareness:

Download the Toolkit

And to all of you, and to those who did not participate this time - it would be an honor to have you join us for a future Challenge.

So how did we do? More information coming up soon ! 

For questions or more info, contact [email protected].

*Single-use plastic negatively impacts human health, the economy, wildlife and the environment. Our oceans are an economic asset worth three trillion dollars a year, an engine of growth employing hundreds of millions of people and feeding billions. Yet, one million plastic drinking bottles are purchased around the world every minute and a staggering eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in the world’s oceans each year. Together, we can make a real difference in the amount of plastic pollution that goes into the oceans and have an immediate positive impact. 



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