Delivering both prosperity and positive social and environmental impact.

We are an INSEAD institute exploring the intersection of business and society. Our aim is to equip them to make decisions in ways that deliver positive outcomes for business, communities, people and our planet in line with globally agreed sustainability goals.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, offer a cohesive and centralised framework for discussing a new development model that is good for all people and the planet. INSEAD’s Hoffmann Institute is striving to integrate sustainability into the school, and drive alignment of the SDGs to inspire business leaders to create prosperity and value for all. Find out how we do this by watching the video below.


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Our Impact




We develop new theories, insights, and business models to drive private sector prosperity and societal progress. Research by leading INSEAD academics is the foundation for a brighter future.

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We inspire and educate diverse and analytical leaders who create value both for their organizations and for society – from our MBA, Masters and PhD programmes to Executive Education.

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We engage our alumni community, build relationships with public and private sector organisations, and other stakeholders to create real-world impact.

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Walk the Talk

We aspire to make INSEAD a school that leads by example in integrating societal impact into its operations, and contributes to local and global progress and prosperity.

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Our Focus


Our aim is to take INSEAD to the next level of societal impact.


We do this by engaging our community around these three focus points to transform business education.



Climate start-ups: Innovating our path to a Net Zero economy. 8 June 2022, 3:00 - 4:00pm CET 

Creating a Net Zero economy requires rethinking our products, services, operations, etc from scratch. In this context, entrepreneurship emerges as a powerful source of solutions to fight climate change and overcome diverse environmental challenges. In this session we will discuss with our speakers about the main trends in climate entrepreneurship nowadays. We will also explore the necessary conditions for climate-related innovation to prosper and for scaling successful solutions. 

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How changes in energy requirements and production will shape our world ! 30 May 2022, 7:15 – 8:45 PM CEST

Jean-Marc Jancovici, is a co-founder of the consulting firm "Carbone 4" and the founding president of the think-tank "The Shift Project" which has great influence on French and European policies. He will give a presentation on how the world will have to deal with the change in energy requirements and production in the coming years considering scarcer resources and climate change. 

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Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine: Challenges and Breakthroughs- Monday April 25, 5:00 CEST

More than four million Ukrainians have fled the scourge of war to take refuge in neighboring countries since Russia’s invasion February 24th, and two-thirds of Ukraine’s children have been displaced, according to UNICEF officials.  Sadly, Ukraine’s is the fastest growing refugee crisis in recent history.  INSEAD faculty, alumni and NGO friends are close to and involved in humanitarian response.  Join our webinar to learn about best ways to help as individuals.  Sponsored by INSEAD’s Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society, INDEVOR Global Alumni and Global INSEAD Women in Business clubs.


Responsible AI and Tech in start-ups, Tuesday April 26, 5:00 CET

With the support of the INSEAD Global Private Equity Initiative, the INSEAD Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society, and the INSEAD Global Entrepreneurship Club, and in partnership with ESG_VC, where we’ll be looking at responsible tech, with a focus on AI, in early-stage companies.This webinar will provide insights into how to develop or deploy responsible AI and tech in early stage companies, on upcoming digital regulations that can impact companies, as well as perspectives on how we can collectively build a digital world that is safe and beneficial for all.

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A conversation with Sadhguru: Soil, Soul, and Success - Thursday 7 April, 17:30 -19:00 CET

Wondering where our planet and world are headed? Then come join a conversation with Sadhguru who plainly observes: "The only way out is in!” Sadhguru will speak at INSEAD as a part of his Conscious Planet endeavor that aims to raise awareness and catalyze action on soil and ecology.

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INSEAD Health Week 25-27 January 2022

Initiated and led by INSEAD MIM students, in collaboration with The Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society, INSEAD Talent Development, INSEAD Healthcare Alumni Network and MIM Student Council, the events are around physical, social and mental health. Check out our website for program agend

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Les Conférences de L'INSEAD (In French) - 27 Janvier, 20:30-22:00. Campus de l'INSEAD- Sans reservation

Henri-Claude de Bettignies et Katell Le Goulven recoivent Serge Tisseron, Psychiatre et écrivain, Membre de l'Académie des technologies et du Conseil national du numérique. Via la digitalisation, l'intelligence artificielle et les algorithmes, les machines nous parlent et nous conversons avec elles, en particulier avec celles qui vivent avec nous, que nous essayons de domestiquer mais qui paraissent souvent nous contrôler, voire nous maitriser, insidieusement. Où va-t-on dans ce monde digitalisé où prisonniers des écrans et de la virtualité, nous construisons une réalité qui nous aspire ?

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Les Conférences de L'INSEAD (In French) - 18 Novembre, 20:30-22:00. Campus de l'INSEAD- Sans réservation

Henri-Claude de Bettignies et Katell Le Goulven recoivent Maria Guadalupe, Professeure d'économie et de science politique, directrice du Laboratoire de Recherche RCT de l'INSEAD. Dans la turbulence et les changements du monde de l'entreprise, quelles sont les nouvelles formes d'organisation qui émergent et quelles en sont les implications ? Où et comment trouver les opportunités dans cette transformation qui affecte la performance des organisations mais aussi notre vie quotidienne et notre futur ?

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GBSN Beyond: Virtual Conference Reimagined - 15-17 Novembre

What does art have to do with social change? Find out why it plays a vital role in society next Tuesday in GBSN's Beyond virtual conference.
Join Katell. Le Goulven, PhD alongside Divya Singhal, Fernanda Carreira, Okan Pala and Abby Litchfield as they explore the impact that the arts can have in human rights, climate decline, and other challenges facing people and the planet.

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Les Conférences de L'INSEAD (In French) - 23 Septembre, 20:30-22:00. Campus de l'INSEAD- Sans reservation

Henri-Claude de Bettignies et Katell Le Goulven recoivent Marie-Christine Labourdette, Présidente du Chateau de Fontainebleau. La conference portera sur les questions de valorisation de notre riche patrimoine culturel, comment peut-elle nourrir l'intérêt qu'on lui porte et ce à tous les niveaux de la société, particulièrement parmi tous ceux qui sont peu préparés à l'apprécier ? Comment l'œuvre d'art et la culture d'une manière générale contribuent elles à la connaissance de soi-même et comment y élargir l'accès ?

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Les Conférences de L'INSEAD (In French) - 21 Octobre, 20:30-22:00. Campus de l'INSEAD- Sans reservation

Henri-Claude de Bettignies et Katell Le Goulven recoivent Joëlle Toledano, Professeur Emérite, Université Paris IX-Dauphine, Membre du Conseil National du numérique. Peut-on encore lutter contre ces entreprises sophistiquées, agiles telles que Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon plébiscitées par les consommateurs et aux ambitions sans limite ? Comment comprendre ce nouveau monde de la transformation numérique qui bouleverse les chaines de valeur ?

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Les Conférences de L'INSEAD (In French) - 16 Decembre, 20:30-22:00. Campus de l'INSEAD- Sans reservation

Henri-Claude de Bettignies et Katell Le Goulven recoivent Rachid Benzine, Islamologue et écrivain, chercheur associé au Fonds Paul Ricoeur. La dynamique de l'Islam dans la société est à l'ordre du jour des grands débats de notre temps et la recherche du "comment construire le vivre ensemble" nourrit bien des réflexions, des controverses et des propositions. Comment nous accorder sur les principes de la vie commune ? Mais d'abord comment mieux "comprendre" similarités et différences, pour anticiper ensemble le futur?

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The Power of Creative Destruction: Economic Upheaval and the Wealth of Nations- 19 October 2021, 1200-1300 CET

Join us for a conversation with Philippe Aghion (Professor at INSEAD and the Collège de France), Catherine Mann (External member of the Bank of England) and Ayhan Kose (Chief Economist, the World Bank). The conversation will focus on the deep challenges facing our economic system, including stagnating growth, rising inequality, environmental crises, and the difficult adjustment to the COVID-19 pandemic- themes that Professor Aghion expands on in his new book, The Power of Creative Destruction: Economic Upheaval and the Wealth of Nations. 

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Geopolitics, Climate Change & Inequality, 13 October - 6:30 p.m. (CET) 
This conversation opens a series of webinars on business and climate change organized by Business Schools for Climate Leadership (BSCL) - a collective of eight business schools committed to work together to raise awareness of the issues, challenges and actions needed to help current and future business leaders to tackle climate change. Hosted by IESE in collaboration with INSEAD - two founding members of BSCL - the event will explore the geopolitical and inequality factors business leaders need to account for when engaging in decarbonization efforts.

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Sustainability Report


Reporting our action through the INSEAD Sustainability Report: Academic Years 2018/2019 through 2019/2020 helps us better understand sustainability at the school and improve year over year. Having long recognised the need to teach and research around environmental and social responsibility, our school is well positioned to convene today’s leaders to discuss global challenges. With a faculty of thought leaders in business and economics, an alumni community 60,000 strong and more than 1,000 graduates each year from our five master degrees and doctoral programme, the school is a transformative force in business and society.



As a Signatory of UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), we are glad to share our progress report on how INSEAD has contributed to the global movement to transform business education from 2018-2019. Developing responsible leadership that delivers change and societal progress has been at the core of the school, and we are looking forward to continue to lead by example in aligning with the PRME principles and the  SDGs. Click the image to read the full report 



Annual Report


Founded in August 2018, the Hoffmann Institute for Business and Society was tasked with embedding sustainability into the core of INSEAD, while furthering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Executing activities around its four strategic pillars, the Hoffmann Institute has provided transformational learning experiences, created content on business sustainability topics and engaged its global community to turn the message of business as a force for good into action. This third annual report provides a detailed insight into the work and achievements of the Institute in the 2020-2021 academic year.


The Hoffmann Institute also supported the new INSEAD Procurement Policy so that it aligns with the SDGs.

To improve how we work together and ensure robust processes at INSEAD, the new policy focuses on six new components of Value, Partnership and Performance, Compliance Risk Financial Visibility, Contract Management, Ethics and SDGs.

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#SDGSMART highlights INSEAD action on the SDGs, engaging on why the SDGs are important and the future of the SDGs in business education.

This aligns with the INSEAD mission and founding values. Moving forward, #SDGSMART will promote opportunities for leaders to better understand how to be smart about the SDGs

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The Conversation


The world faces unprecedented challenges to global growth. Risks are rising from environmental pressures, our rapidly changing geopolitical landscape and the blistering pace of technology. We need to convene thought leaders, innovators, investors and entrepreneurs to affect real change. Steps forward must turn into strides towards a sustainable future. This is how we promote business as a force for good and achieve the next level of social impact.

Ilian Mihov
Dean of
INSEAD, Academic Director
Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society

Katell Le Goulven
Executive Director
Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society

Mark Stabile
Deputy Academic Director
Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society


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We are grateful and proud to name the Institute in recognition of
André and Rosalie Hoffmann for their foundational gift.

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