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Leadership Development Programme

Delivered by the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre, the Leadership Development Programme (LDP) combines a wide range of innovative learning methods designed to expand your range of effective leadership styles. With the support of a digital holding space, the LDP accompanies you on your lifelong development journey both during and  after the GEMBA program.


You can think of the Leadership Development Programme (LDP) as a comprehensive ‘programme-within-a-programme’ that follows and shapes your personal as well as professional development, running throughout your time as a participant and beyond. The LDP is delivered by the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre and combines a wide range of innovative learning methods designed to further develop your authentic leadership style.

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LDP Overview & Learning Methods



                          Teaching sessions

Various courses include some leadership content. The Organisational Behaviour core course begins and frames the process while elective options complement leadership development.

LDP teaching sessions address specific leadership topics, such as leadership styles, adaptive leadership and competing commitments.

GEMBA Leaders Forum

Peer Exchange

The EMBA Leaders Forum invites senior executives and CEOs to address the class and offer testimonies regarding their lives and leadership roles. The setting is informal with time for Q&A.

You will have the opportunity to form a Peer Learning relationship with another participant. This will enable you to learn from each other by sharing experiences, spending time discovering each other’s professional or entrepreneurial context, or joining your Learning Partner in other purposeful and enriching social or cultural activities.

Experiential teamwork training  

360-degree feedback 

Group Coaching

You will participate in a day of outdoor activities that will provide you with insights into teamwork and opportunities for self-development.

Using 360° feedback instruments such as the Global Executive Leadership Inventory (GELI), a personality audit and personal and professional background questionnaire you will be able to increase your self-awareness and define a learning agenda for expanding your leadership repertoire.

Together with 4-5 of your EMBA peers, you will create a "learning community" whose members will support, encourage and challenge each other during the entire LDP journey. An experienced IGLC executive coach will facilitate the initial coaching day and will accompany you and your group at different stages of your development over the course of the LDP. There will also be opportunities for one-to-one interactions with your executive coach.





If you have any questions related to our programmes or application procedures, we are here to help you.

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