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If you opt to take the INSEAD Assessment, rather than the GMAT, GRE or EA, you must first submit a completed application at least 2 weeks prior to the assessment date. Your application will be reviewed by our Pre-selection committee and if successful, you will be invited to join the assessment.


  • Applicable only for INSEAD’s Executive MBA programmes; the Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) and Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA (TIEMBA)

  • This assessment serves as an alternative to the GMAT or EA, however, it can only be taken once

  • There is both a written and an oral component of this exam:

Written component: (multiple choice content, 4 x 30 min.) - 4 sections of 15 questions each, covering data analysis, data interpretation, communication analysis and critical thinking

Oral component: (30 min. preparation, 40 min. presentation/interview)  - prepare, deliver and discuss a business case study presentation, followed by a motivational interview 

  • Preparation is strongly encouraged. The best way to prepare is to practise actual GMAT questions (focus on areas listed below) and/or working with a 3rd party to prepare. It is wise to practise in a mock testing environment, inclusive of time constraints.

  • Cost: € 185 (subject to change)


INSEAD Assessment Format



Data Analysis:

Data analysis questions are pure calculation questions. Provided with all of the necessary information within the question, you will be asked to determine a certain value.


Data Interpretation:

Delivered through standard mathematical logic questions and linked mini-business case questions, the data interpretation section focuses on two areas:

  1.  Interpreting Graphic Data
  2.  Data Sufficiency

Communication Analysis:

Communication analysis tests your ability to read a passage and extract deeper meaning through the understanding of main themes, relevant points, and logical inferences.


Critical Thinking:

The critical thinking section demands that you manage components of a logic problem to either deliver a definitive answer to a question or simply determine its solvability.


Case Presentation & Interview

The INSEAD Assessment case has been designed for all experienced business people and requires no formal preparation. We are not necessarily looking for the right answer as there are multiple possibilities to address the case, but are interested in your ability to assimilate information, summarise, and provide plausible solutions. Beyond demonstrating business acumen, this is also an opportunity to display your personal presentation and communication skills.

You will be given 30 minutes to read a 4-page business case. With key questions to consider, you’ll build a presentation addressing the issues and deliver your findings to a jury panel made up of alumni and/or INSEAD representatives. 

In the 5-10 minute oral presentation, candidates are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the case, summarising the situation, challenges, opportunities and potential solutions. This is followed by 15 minutes of Q&A on the case.

The last 20 minutes consist of a more personal interview with the panel, discussing your motivation for applying for an INSEAD Executive MBA and other related questions.



Upcoming Test Dates *

COVID-19 Update:  
In an effort to accommodate our candidates, we are pleased to inform you that the INSEAD Assessment is now available online. Once you have submitted your application, your admissions officer will share available assessment dates with you.

If you opt to take the INSEAD Assessment, rather than the GMAT, you must first submit a completed application. Your application will be reviewed by our pre-selection committee and if successful, you will be invited to join the assessment.




If you have any questions related to our programmes or application procedures, we are here to help you.

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Preparation is strongly encouraged. The best way to prepare is to practise actual GMAT questions (focus on data analysis, data interpretation, communication analysis and critical thinking) and/or working with a 3rd party to prepare. It is wise to practise in a mock testing environment, inclusive of time constraints.

As the GMAT (and SAT and GRE) has a broadly similar structure, you can get a feeling for the INSEAD Assessment structure through looking at GMAT questions. However the GMAT also tests many areas that the INSEAD Assessment does not, and vice versa. There are question formats in the INSEAD Assessment that are not in other standardised tests, and you will likely waste time examining questions in the GMAT that will simply not appear in the INSEAD Assessment. The INSEAD Assessment is designed to be taken without requiring a preparation outside of what we recommend above. 

It is different. The INSEAD Assessment evaluates a broader range of aptitudes including allowing a presentation to be made to indicate ability to analyse a business scenario and communicate it. It does NOT require you to spend time on extensive preparation for rule-based mathematics and English grammar correction that would not be used in a business context. The INSEAD Assessment only requires you to familiarise yourself with the format of the Assessment Day. You may also refresh your verbal and quantitative skills by practicing the drill questions if necessary. 

You are given a business scenario in story format to read and absorb, with some number and background information. You will arrive at a general understanding of what is happening in the scenario and realise what the key points of the case are. You will make a presentation of up to three slides summarising the situation, and what the appropriate challenges and opportunities for the business are. The case will pose three questions that you must answer along the lines described above. A business person with significant experience in presentation will have been prepared for this exercise through their job. The case presentation need not be prepared for. This is a holistic assessment of your approach to reviewing a business scenario, and your personal presentation and communication skills will shine in this part of the test. In fact, your individual personal approach will be valued more than a coached one. It is your opportunity to differentiate yourself from other candidates, and there is no right or wrong result. The INSEAD Assessment case does not look like a traditional consulting case, so there is no need to review cases online. It is designed to be readable and understandable by people without a consulting background.

The INSEAD Assessment comprises of 4 sections: Data analysis, data interpretation, communication analysis, critical thinking and a case presentation. Essentially there are math problems that test your fluency with numbers, and ability to perform business mathematics as part of your job, and verbal problems that test your ability to zero in on the relevant content in logical and opinion pieces. If you do not use mathematics in work frequently, this will be indicated in your resume as well, and INSEAD will make recommendations for pre-EMBA preparation. You should not feel like you have to hit a particular target. The class will be balanced by people of different strengths, the test simply aids the admissions committee to understand your profile better. 

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