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EMC Programme




Admissions Criteria



Academic capacity, professional experience and potential to be an agent of change

You should have an undergraduate degree and over 10 years of professional experience, or a Master’s degree and at least five years of professional experience, or a PhD, MD, or JD and at least three years of professional experience. We also consider the quality of your achievements and motivation over the course of your career.


Interest in psychological approaches to management and self-development

You should demonstrate a desire to understand yourself as a first step towards understanding others. We seek candidates who have a clear motivation for intellectual growth, both in the classroom and beyond.


Ability to contribute to the INSEAD experience

We seek candidates who will contribute proactively and share the insights they have gained throughout their professional and personal experience.

Admissions Process


We try to make the process as simple and smooth as possible. The following process should take three to six weeks, depending on the flow of applications, and we'd encourage you to apply as early as possible.

Step 1: Application

Fill in and submit the application form online. Your application will be considered complete only when all required material has been submitted. To help you with the application process, please download our step-by-step Application Guide below. Learn more about starting your EMC application.

Step 2: Pre-Interview Conversation with Admissions (phone)

If your written application meets the required standard, our Admissions department will schedule a phone conversation to answer your questions about the programme.

Step 3: Interview with a Programme Director (in person or virtual)

Assuming all is in place, we will arrange a time for a Programme Directors to meet you. 

Step 4: Decision

As soon as we’ve made our decision, we’ll let you know the outcome. As this programme is one of the most popular at INSEAD, it is no reflection on your ability to be put on the waiting list. Conversely, we may accept very late applicants who add the right mix of diversity and experience to the class. 

Application Deadlines


Applications are completed online and we process them once they have been submitted. However, as seats fill quickly, we encourage applicants to apply as early as possible. Early places are awarded on individual merit and subsequent applications are considered in the context of the group that is forming.

Please contact us to check availability of upcoming programmes.

Upcoming programme start dates:

  • Europe (Fontainebleau): September 2023
  • Europe (Fontainebleau): March 2024
  • Singapore (Asia): June 2024



If you have any questions related to our programmes or application procedures, we are here to help you.

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In this programme, business and psychological aspects of it are fully intertwined. Other programmes often focus either more on the business or clinical perspective.

The same programme is offered on both campuses. Each group is highly diverse, takes up and works with the material in their own way.

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