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Executive Education


SAL-INSEAD Legal Leadership Programme

This programme applies business school methodologies to address leadership challenges faced by legal professionals

Content Overview

The programme is organised around two themes which leaders in the legal profession should focus on to be successful in the increasingly competitive and disrupted environment: Leading Organisations and Leading People.

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Leading Organisations

Formal authority is a powerful lever but it is rarely enough to mobilise the resources and people required for implementing major change initiatives. Leaders also need to build, discover, and leverage informal networks to rally support for their ideas. You will have a chance to test your skills in developing, discovering, and leveraging informal networks to implement change. 

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Leading People

Legal leaders are constantly called upon to get things done through others they do not manage, using influence instead of authority. Following on from Leading Organisations, here we focus on building the social resources you need to get things done through influence, to induce cooperation through exchange, and examine how to assess and understand the agendas and interests of the people you need to influence. Finally, we examine the psychology of influence, what causes busy people with their own agendas to buy into requests for help or cooperation.
Woven into the session on Leading People, we will also examine the nuances of leading high performance teams, and leading through communication to build trust and inspire other leaders, team members and clients.

Case studies, lectures, classroom discussions, and small group discussions will provide participants with opportunities to deliberate on the determinants of sustained success. Exposure to real-world issues will help participants work through possible approaches and solutions to the problems that leaders in the legal profession and in professional service firms including law firms confront on a daily basis. The anticipated time commitment that participants should consider investing in pre-programme readings is expected to be approximately 5 hours at maximum.