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Transforming Your Business with AI

Gain a deep understanding of how AI is deployed in business, what it can and cannot do, to make the most of these emerging technologies.

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5 weeks

Content Overview

The programme content is delivered online over five consecutive weeks. It uses real-world video case studies, cutting-edge technologies, computer modelling to show how companies can leverage leadership, strategy and innovation to respond to digital transformation. Every week we will explore a specific topic. Your learning will be enriched by hands-on group or individual work and exercises, and an Action Learning Project based around applicability within your own organisation.

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Week 1

What AI is doing today (and why you should care)

  • Understand what AI is and the AI applications across various sectors.
  • Bridge technical details to business applications.
  • Learn the elements of a prediction machine, evaluate the accuracy of it and distinguish correlation from causation.
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Week 2

Building AI capabilities in an organisation

  • Manage the implementation of AI and Machine Learning based projects.
  • Understand the differences between these projects and other business or IT projects.
  • Hear from a leading industry expert to discuss how to identify and execute successful AI - enabled business opportunities.
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Week 3

Implementing AI with external experts

  • Examine the ground rules for formulating a business question as ‘‘AI solvable’’.
  • Discuss how outsourcing AI development has gone through major innovations via ‘‘gamification’’.
  • Learn different ways to build ‘’teams of models’’ for machines to work well together.
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Week 4

Deep learning and causal thinking

  • Compare two approaches of machine learning - correlation and causation, discuss important tools for each and develop frameworks for when to use each.
  • Explore limitations of all AI techniques today - the risk of ‘’hidden variables’’, and understand why we need prototyping.


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Week 5

The Future of Organisations and Algorithms

  • Touch on a number of broader themes that go beyond the technical details and specific applications.
  • Develop a point of view on the challenges and risks, both logistical and ethical, that the advancement of AI poses.
  • Understand the issues around privacy and ethicality (fairness) and the implications for organisation designs.

Your Online Learning Journey


Throughout the programme, an INSEAD Learning Coach will be guiding you and helping you maximise the impact of your learning journey.

*Please note the programme may include a pause week(s).

Action Learning Project

The Action Learning Project (ALP) will help bring you to the cutting edge of AI applications for business. It will help you think about possible opportunities for the application of AI within your organisation, based on business attractiveness. Then you will apply frameworks from the programme to prioritise these opportunities in terms of technical feasibility.

You will be able to test these ideas in a risk-free environment, then devise a realistic plan of implementation.This will include consideration of in-house and outsourcing options, as well as the creation of an AI governance framework for your organisation.

The ALP is designed to help you develop a plan that can be immediately executed once you return to work. Working with the learning coach, you will design your AI project that is right for your organisation and your personal learning objectives. For those attending the programme with a group of colleagues from the same company or organisation, the learning coach can help you structure a more ambitious team ALP to collaborate and work on together.

There are three phases to the ALP process:

  • First, you will agree on the scope of your ALP with the learning coach, to make sure it aligns with the learning objectives of the programme and culminates in a concrete goal.
  • Second, in each of the five content weeks, you will apply the tools and concepts from that week to your ALP.
  • Third, at the end of the content weeks, you will synthesise elements from your weekly submissions to propose concrete strategic recommendations for your organisation, and submit them for peer review. In the final week of the programme, the peer review will take place, where every participant will review 2 to 4 other submissions and provide peer feedback. The final ALP and peer review process normally takes between 10-12 days after the programme content finishes.

Typical Week on an INSEAD Online Programme

Each week of content follows a very clear path to facilitate learning for busy executives. The platform allows participants to learn at their own pace during each week, by viewing the content, completing assignments and engaging in discussions, taking on average 4-6 hours per week to complete.


*This is the recommended number of hours per week however please note that working on the Action Learning Project (ALP) may require up to two additional hours/week.