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Programme Directors



Nathan Furr 

Associate Professor of Strategy

Nathan Furr is an associate professor of strategy at INSEAD where he teaches innovation and technology strategy. Nathan earned his PhD from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program at Stanford University and has held permanent or visiting positions at INSEAD, ESSEC, and BYU.

Nathan’s research focuses on innovation and technology strategy, particularly how new and established firms adapt to technology change and enter new markets.

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Andrew V. Shipilov

Professor of Strategy
Akzo Nobel Fellow of Strategic Management

Andrew Shipilov is an expert in the areas of strategy, innovation and networks. His current academic research examines how social networks, strategic alliances and partnerships affect firms’ competitive advantage. His book The Network Advantage was published in 2014.

He has a blog on Networks and Innovation and you can follow him on Twitter.

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Learning Coach


Learning coaches, led by INSEAD alumni, are available throughout the programme to help participants achieve their learning objectives, as well as help move the discussion forward and exchange ideas with them.

Experienced and successful business professionals from diverse industries, our learning coaches guide the participants in their learning journey, especially their Action Learning Project (ALP), to bring the learning alive in the participants’ business context. They work closely with the participants and help them design an ALP that focuses on their personal development goals, provide feedback and keep them moving in the right direction.



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