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Leading Digital Marketing Strategy

Drive innovative digital marketing strategy in the new era of A.I through customer-centricity.

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5 days

Content Overview

As digital advances such as A.I unlock new ways for customers to interact with businesses, Leading Digital Marketing Strategy will help you rethink the customer journey to help you build personalised and relevant experiences across all channels and touchpoints – and ultimately to create both value and competitive advantage for your company. At the end of the programme you will also better understand the key enablers that are needed to transform your company into an agile, customer-centric, and digital organisation. Topics covered include the following:

Mega trends that disrupt your market(s)

  • How digital and social disruptions can affect different aspects of your value chain
  • How digital and social practices can generate novel content about your brands or products
  • How to meet the challenges that new trends bring
  • Artificial intelligence (A.I) use-cases in the new era of marketing: Discover how GenAI (including ChatGPT) can directly generate value for your business with real-world examples around content creation, customer support, persona creation and CX design. 

Impact of digital on the competitive landscape

  • When digital and social media practices foster new business model innovations and change companies’ competitive landscape
  • Know what kinds of threats and opportunities emerge out of digital and social practices 

Business decisions using online research and ‘big data’

  • Harness online data/social media to create value
  • Leverage big data to integrate digital intelligence into strategy 
  • Experience digital listening through live interaction with online platforms

Social media strategy as a commercial driver

  • Recognise how value creation through social and digital tools differs from value creation through traditional marketing techniques
  • Select and use social media channels to create novel value
  • Leverage strategic social media frameworks to initiate and develop new relationships with customers that yield higher financial performance
  • Integrate social media into your brand strategy
  • Understand the threats and opportunities associated with social media
  • Learn how to anticipate and prepare for crises in the digital space
  • Measure social media ROI

Content creation, curation and dissemination for brand building

  • Transform your brand into a content producer
  • Create, curate and disseminate content through online channels
  • Understand how companies can successfully address online conversations and create monitoring systems to avoid value destruction through negative buzz
  • ‘Hijack’ online conversations and create value in the short term by increasing brand relevance

Digital marketing organisation

  • Understand the role of the digital marketing organisation in driving company profits
  • Design a digital marketing organisation and define the key roles and dynamics to drive change and effectively build a customer-centric unit
  • Drive the digital transformation of your organisation through effective task prioritisation and tech integration, including AI and machine learning
  • Learn how to develop a more innovative mind-set and leverage start-ups more effectively at a high scale