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Executive Education


Leading for Results

Learn how to create a culture of achievement that not only promotes long-term growth but also develops future generations of leaders.

Upcoming Sessions
5 days

Content Overview

Leading for Results goes beyond discussions of leadership capabilities and focuses on transforming experienced managers into leaders who will set direction and provide a results-oriented vision for teams and individual employees. This is achieved through a three-step process.

Before the programme

Through detailed self-reflection and 360-degree feedback completed prior to the programme, you will determine where you are and then map where you want to go.

These information will be used during the programme, where you will engage in INSEAD’s coaching and experiential learning process and use the insights gained to develop a personal leadership development action plan.

During the programme

During the programme, the following themes and issues will be discussed:

Setting direction

  • Understanding self and context
  • Characteristics of a challenging vision
  • Communicating vision and direction

Inspiring action

  • Creating high-performance teams
  • Leading by leveraging emotions and informal authority
  • Developing interpersonal, communication and motivation skills

Paradoxical thinking

  • Aligning people and resources amidst contradictory demands
  • Thinking long and short term
  • Developing high-performance cultures and realizing the potential of diversity

Developing capabilities

  • Practice and examine your leadership style in experiential development activities
  • Developing yourself through peer coaching and feedback
  • Developing others through learning how to coach and mentor effectively
  • Mapping your future

After the programme

The faculty will follow up on your personal action plan three months after the programme to check on the implementation process.