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Executive Education


Leading for Results

Learn how to create a culture of achievement that not only promotes long-term growth but also develops future generations of leaders.

Upcoming Sessions
5 days

Content Overview

Leading for Results goes beyond discussions of leadership capabilities and focuses on transforming experienced managers into leaders who will set direction and provide a results-oriented vision for teams and individual employees.

Participants are required to take part in a detailed self-assessment and 360° feedback prior to starting the programme and, three months after the programme, faculty follow up with participants on their personal action plans to check on the implementation process. During their time at INSEAD, participants are taken through case studies, group discussions and will explore themes including the following.

Setting direction

Understand the characteristics of a challenging vision and strategy, and importantly, how to communicate your goals and direction.

Inspiring action

Develop interpersonal, communication and motivation skills to create high-performing teams. Lead by leveraging on emotions and motivations, as well as aligning rewards with performances.

Aligning resources

Learn to design a result-oriented organisation structure, develop high-performance cultures, as well as align goals and sustain focus.

Developing capabilities

Develop yourself using the programme's 360-degree assessment and feedback from your peers, and further learn how to develop others through effective coaching and mentoring.