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Essentials of Coaching

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INSEAD's Essentials of Coaching programme is expertly designed to accelerate your skills as a coach. The programme will challenge and support you to challenge and support yourself and others; to coach and to be coached; to articulate and share your experience, perceptions and thoughts; and to explore diverging perspectives as you build your confidence and expertise as a coach.

The Essentials of Coaching programme integrates deep analysis of the philosophy, different approaches and the core skills of coaching through cases studies, lectures and discussion. You will also experience hands-on, practical exercises that explore personal intentions and personal coaching skills in action. And you will be supported by expert INSEAD Executive Coaches working with you in small groups to guide your development and address your own coaching dilemmas throughout your learning journey.

How you benefit

  • Develop your essential coaching skills and your appreciation for the art of coaching
  • Explore different approaches that work in coaching other people
  • Build your self-awareness and determine what you need to let go of, and to develop as a coach of others
  • Discover how to hold a coaching conversation and how to create developmental space for the person you are coaching
  • Determine who you can coach most effectively – and why.

Participant profile

INSEAD's Essentials of Coaching programme has been developed for:

  • Individuals who either currently lead or have an aspiration to lead people
  • Individuals who have an interest in people development and coaching.

Further Development

*Note that previous experience of coaching is not essential for this programme. For coaching programmes targeted at experienced coaches and executives with deep coaching experience, please consult our INSEAD Coaching Certificate programme.

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