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Strategic Management in Banking

Strategic Management in Banking addresses the needs of senior bankers who want to re-assess the future of banking and strategy in the context of a fast-changing environment.

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5 days

Content Overview

Strategic Management in Banking draws on more than 30 years of research organised by the Centre for International Financial Services, a partnership launched in 1987 between selected financial institutions and INSEAD.

The programme develops participants’ management skills in the following areas and all the topics discussed in the programme are illustrated with case studies on financial institutions.


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Strategic analysis of the future of the Financial Services Industry 

  • Value creation in financial markets
  • ​Managing for growth and coping with disruption: managing alliances, acquisitions and creation of ecosystems
  • Universal players vs. specialised and the role of outsourcing
  • Securitisation and the rise of platforms
  • Digital disruption (Fintech, TechFin, PtoP Finance, Robot advisors and Digital brokers)
  • To branch or not to branch?
  • Millennials and Generation Z: new needs, new tools and new offerings
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Asset-liability management


  • Value-Based Management
  • Profit centres and performance valuation
  • Funds transfer pricing (FTP) and economic capital allocation
  • Control of credit and market risks
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New Client Offering


  • Product design and performance
  • ​The challenge of reaching the mass affluent and retail with a new profitable and sustainable offering
  • Brokers and wealth managers: friends or foes?
  • From product to solutions: capital light advisory approach

Reinforcing your learning through practical application

Strategic Management in Banking uses a mix of lectures, cases, discussions and simulations to help embed and reinforce your learning

Participants are exposed to two simulations in order to experience value creation, strategic pricing, risk management, negotiation, teamwork and leadership.

1. The ALCO Challenge

The ALCO Challenge is simulation that recreates an international financial environment, allowing you to perfect your skills in long-term value creation and risk control allowing you to take the overall view of the CEO of a financial player (bank). The ALCO Challenge incorporates the latest financial techniques in profitability and risk management.

2. The Leadership Simulation

The Leadership Simulation has been designed to experience first-hand how to lead teams in the process of a corporate action (M&A) in which key players in different organisations are involved and need to be engaged to create value.

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