Q2 2021-2022 activity update

Published by Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society on 06 Mar 2022

We published four Opinion Papers in our Crossroads series on COP26 outcomes, PE and ESG, business and society trends, and good tech.

Continuing our Crossroads: Business & Society series on INSEAD Knowledge, we discussed what the outcomes of COP26 mean for business schools, private equity and doing good, six global trends in business and society, and good tech. Also browse our COP26 playlist on our INSEAD Business and Society YouTube page.

We celebrated two wins related to sustainability at the Case Centre Awards 2022, thanks to INSEAD Professors Craig Smith and Joerg Niessing.

Winning the Ethics and Social Responsibility category award was the Volkswagen's Emissions Scandal: How Could It Happen? case by Professor N. Craig Smith, while the waterdrop®: Changing the Paradigms of the Beverage Industry with Limited Resources and Digital Marketing case by Professor Jeorg Niessing clinched the Marketing category award. Read the full announcement!

We collaborated with INSEAD Talent Development, Healthcare Alumni Network in the first ever MIM-led INSEAD Health Week Initiative.

This first-ever global community event led by the Master In Management (MIM) students saw a total of 961 registrants for six online sessions. The three days of events also included mindfulness sessions, ad boxing class on the Europe campus, with a special menu for Singapore and Fontainebleau. Watch the sessions here, and stay tuned for the upcoming story!

We completed the 2021/2022 season of the INSEAD Conferences discussing culture, religion, and digitalisation with top scholars.

Started in 1987 by Henri-Claude de Bettignies, Les Conférences de l’INSEAD (or INSEAD Conferences) have become an annual event offering the Fontainebleau community an opportunity to discuss current topics. This season had a total of five sessions with 1020 participants covering topics like cultural heritage, digital transformation and regulation, and our relationship with artificial intelligence among others.

Watch the sessions here. Read the story on the previous season of the INSEAD Conferences, and stay tuned for the story for the 2021/2022 season!

We welcomed Harvard Professor Rebecca Henderson on our Mission to Change podcast on reimagining capitalism.

Can business reset capitalism, and how can this be done? In the podcast episode, Harvard University Professor and one of the three of Financial Times’ 2019 Outstanding Directors of the Year, Rebecca Henderson, shares case studies and a roadmap of ways business can catalyse change. Also read the 3 takeaways from this conversation as well!

We featured in the Financial Times’ Special Report for the Responsible Business, and the Harvard Business Review (HBR) on business schools for climate leadership.

From INSEAD Dean Ilian Mihov discussing social purpose, integrating and teaching sustainability, to celebrating our alumna, Elisa Dierickx as a winner in the FT Responsible Education Awards 2022, business as a force for good was a strong theme in all our features.

The HBR piece discusses the areas where business schools can contribute to the fight against climate change – from being experts in organisational transformation, performance measurement, governance and more. Read the full article by INSEAD and seven other leading business schools on the ways they can collaborate to nurture a community of responsible and educated business leaders.

We committed to 67% greenhouse gas reduction by 2035 across all our campuses!

The school announced its commitment to a 67% cut of its Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2035, across its four locations of Fontainebleau, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and San Francisco. The Hoffmann Institute was a key player in the design process of this pledge, and it is aligned with the UNFCCC’s 1.5-degree target. Read more about it here.

We published INSEAD’s Sustainability Report and seven stories on how the school drives sustainability.

Business as a force for good has always been at the heart of the school, and the Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society has produced the INSEAD Sustainability Report: Academic years 2018/2019 through 2019/2020 to measure how well INSEAD is walking the talk on this objective. Read the report here.

From a wrap-up of SDG Week 2021, to the very first Master In Management (MIM) team to win the Hoffmann Institute-sponsored social impact prize at the bi-annual INSEAD Venture Competition (IVC), browse all the stories here.

We revealed a new video explaining what we do

What exactly do we do? You know our mission is to integrate sustainability into everything that the school does, but how exactly does this happen? Watch this video to find out as Katell Le Goulven walks you through our four-pillar strategy, and why sustainability should be everybody’s business.

We always say our achievements are a result of teamwork, and were extremely saddened during this past quarter to say goodbye to our teammate Hans Wahl. He played a key role in the Hoffmann Institute and INSEAD to promote sustainability and social entrepreneurship. His legacy and optimism will always live on and will continue to inspire us in our mission.

Thanks for joining us on this journey to drive sustainability. See you next quarter

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