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The Startup Bootcamp is an intensive and interactive weekend of training designed to test one’s entrepreneurial appetite and jumpstart the entrepreneurial adventure. Participants learn the building blocks of what it takes to create their own venture from the ground-up, including idea generation, team formation, business validation, pitching to investors and more. Set early in the INSEAD experience, the Startup Bootcamp is an invaluable first step in a student’s entrepreneurial journey at INSEAD.

Registration for the INSEAD Startup Bootcamps are now opened:

  • In person delivery on Asia Campus, 29 - 31 January 2021 for MBA21D. All tickets have been sold out. 



Startup Bootcamp, Singapore

29 to 31 January, 2021

Asia Campus (with safe distancing measures)

Kick off on a Friday night, understand how to ideate, kill a few ideas in search of the final bright spark that will be turned, twisted and teased into a real business proposition, ready to be served up to an experienced jury by Sunday night.
You will discover new concepts, markets, value proposition together with a team that you will choose to be part of. You may have an idea that may or may not make it to the final round. However, you will learn how to develop, structure, solidify your story into a pitch and you may well feel a tiny sense of the adrenaline rush that entrepreneurs face while building a new venture! You will walk away from weekend with hands-on venture building experience, tons of confidence, and possibly a real cheque.
The Schedule: The bootcamp is deliberately designed as a weekend experience that is intense. Make no other plans as it is all-consuming. The bootcamp starts at 6pm on Friday and ends at 7pm on Sunday. It will require your full dedication for the entire 48-hour period. Expect late nights and early mornings.
Do you need an idea? You do NOT need an idea to participate. Some students bring their ideas though most participants form ideas during their bootcamp. On Day One, we will vote on the best ideas that will get chosen to be built out into real investor pitches over the 2-day period. Teams will be formed around these ideas on Friday night.
Get your kit ready and be prepared to:
  • Put on your creative hats to come up with a variety of ideas
  • Evaluate and kill the ideas that don’t stack upLeave your comfort zone to team up with ideas and people that may not be yours
  • Build consensus on the way forward, the value proposition and the final idea
  • Validate your appetite for risk
  • Take away entrepreneurial frameworks
  • Practice a real pitch
  • Test if you have it in you to become an entrepreneur
Are you up for the ride? If yes, hit the button and book your ticket now! Do not forget to tell us why you want to join the Startup Bootcamp in the registration form.

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SGD350 for INSEAD MBA 21D only!

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If you have any questions related to the Startup Bootcamp or to the other activities of the Maag Centre, we are here to help you.

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We are grateful to Peer Kolendor (MBA'78) for his kind support of the Startup Bootcamps. His generous gift to the Rudolf and Valeria Maag INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship helps us to inspire and educate future entrepreneurs.

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