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INSEAD Startup Bootcamp


The INSEAD Startup Bootcamp is an intensive and interactive weekend of training designed to test one’s entrepreneurial appetite and jumpstart the entrepreneurial adventure. Participants learn the building blocks of what it takes to create their own venture from the ground-up, including idea generation, team formation, business validation, pitching to investors and more. Set early in the INSEAD experience, the Startup Bootcamp is an invaluable first step in a student’s entrepreneurial journey at INSEAD.

Registration for the Online Startup Bootcamp are now open : 

Note: The content of the bootcamp will be delivered and lead by different set of bootcamp leader(s) on the respective campus.  There will be a time difference for the online version of the bootcamp. Please be aware of the correct timezone before confirming your registration and payment.

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Charlotte Mason

Europe Campus

Ben Ling

Asia Campus

Joachim Vandaele

Asia Campus



Monisha Varadan

Asia Campus


Cliff Go

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If you have any questions related to the Startup Bootcamp or to the other activities of the Maag Centre, we are here to help you.

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