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At INSEAD, we have a strong “work hard, play hard” MBA life ethic on our campuses. Through our world-class MBA programme, you get to experience both an intense and rewarding collaborative learning environment with one of the most culturally diverse student bodies in the world.​ Gain first-hand insights from the MBA Student Experience Blog. 

Get an inside look at how student life unfolds during the MBA programme. 


Student Clubs

The INSEAD clubs are run by students and supported by the School. You can choose to sharpen your leadership skills by running or creating a club. Alternatively, you can pursue new interests or old passions by becoming a member.



Business Clubs

They organise regular networking and speaker events on campus, as well as trips and "career treks" further afield, prominent annual forums and conferences.



Sports Clubs

We have gyms offering regular fitness classes on both campuses (and squash courts in France), with a wide variety of sport clubs on both campuses.



Social Clubs

Some clubs are just for fun but nonetheless offer opportunities to network or to pick up valuable new skills.

Student Clubs

Events & Activities


Partners and Families


Around 30 per cent of students bring partners to INSEAD, which makes for a large, vibrant community. We try to make sure that everyone benefits from the INSEAD experience in every possible way through the availability of on-campus support, activities and the INSEAD Partners' Club. A year as a partner at INSEAD is also a great opportunity to experience new cultures and learn new languages. ​


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There is no typical day as the schedule will change every day throughout the year. During the first two periods when students take their core courses, they often have 2 to 3 classes a day of 90 minutes each, Monday to Friday, starting at the earliest at 8.30am and finishing at the latest by 7.00pm. Students also have assignments and group projects, career counselling sessions and extra-curriculum activities. For the last three periods, each student has their own academic schedule depending on the electives he or she has chosen, with the same amount of assignments and group work, and typically increasing time spent on career related activities.

We will strive to accommodate your campus choice. However, if your preferred homecampus is full, you will be offered the choice of either a place on the other campus or a place on the wait-list for your preferred campus. In such cases, we encourage you to start your MBA programme on the campus that was not your initial preference, and then participate in the campus exchange to experience the other campus.

Your chances of finding a job have more to do with your skills, experience and potential than your campus location. The Career Development team is well integrated across both locations and provides the same tools, coaching, and resources, irrespective of whether you are studying in Fontainebleau or Singapore. Career Development strongly recommends that you start networking in your target region early on and choose your campus for the peak recruiting season accordingly. On-campus recruiting is not generally impacted by location, as all companies recruiting from INSEAD must include students from both campuses in their recruitment campaign. Of course there may be exceptions where recruiters in the different regions have separate processes but they can also use the video and telephone conference facilities located on both campuses, to conduct interviews with students, regardless of location. Being based in the region where you ultimately want to work does obviously increase opportunities for networking, which can translate into a higher likelihood of securing the job you want.

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