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INSEAD Gender Initiative

Projects - INSEAD Gender Initiative


As part of our commitment to champion Gender Equality (GE), INSEAD is proud to form part of Equal4Europe (E4E), a European Union funded initiative. The research team at INSEAD, Maria Guadalupe (co-PI), Kaisa Snellman (co-PI), and Daisy Pollenne (Research Associate) in collaboration with Sharon Brooks (Executive Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), are working with seven partner institutions to promote GE across business and management schools, as well as the social sciences throughout Europe.

IGI Research on Careers & Cultures in Business Schools

Within this broad framework, we focus on researching how cultures in business schools affect male and female career trajectories. For this purpose, we use multiple methodologies, including a comprehensive index collating important GE indicators and a large-scale survey which was distributed to faculty, staff and students across the E4E consortium in late 2020. We analyse this data to understand whether and how men and women (accounting for seniority, family status, etc.), perceive and react to behavioural cues in the workplace. We also used the data collected within INSEAD to suggest areas for future intervention at the institutional level. These now form the basis of a tailored Gender Equality Plan (GEP), approved and published on the school’s website in 2022. A taskforce regularly monitors its implementation.

Alongside this initial research direction, we continue contributing evidence on gendered dynamics in business and academic careers. Most recently, we presented a paper on Retaining Talent in Organizations: Masculinity, Inclusion and Norms at on Conference on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Economics, Finance, and Central Banking.

Research Contributions

Retaining Talent in Organizations: Masculinity, Inclusion and Norms (in process).