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Faculty & Research


Chengyi Lin

Affiliate Professor of Strategy


Additional Information
Research Areas
  • Digital Strategy and Execution
  • Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Leading Strategic Initiatives
Teaching Areas
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Leading Innovation


Chengyi Lin is Affiliate Professor of Strategy and a leading expert on digital transformation. Professor Lin’s research primarily focuses on the topics of digital transformation and innovation for global and multi-national organisations. His research and teaching explore the strategic impacts of digital technologies (e.g. AI) and drivers of successful execution of companies’ digital strategies. He has worked with many top executive teams on their digital strategy and organisational transformation.

Chengyi has been leading INSEAD’s teaching innovations and digital transformation with the Dean of Innovations. He has created INSEAD’s online programme portfolios and organisational capabilities. The success established INSEAD as the global leader in online executive education since 2014. Programmes he (co-)directed and developed have won more than12 prestige awards in 4 consecutive years. Professor Lin is also an expert in teaching innovations around online pedagogies, hybrid learning, experiential learning and peer-to-peer learning.

Externally, Chengyi serves on multiple boards and consults for multi-internationals on digital transformation and innovation. For example, he serves as a board member for Sanofi CHC Digital Advisory Board. He is also the youngest standing member of the European Executive Council. He actively mentors entrepreneurs and digital start-ups (e.g. Lafayette Plug and Play Accelerator).

Chengyi has made multiple appearances as an expert of digital transformation on major media including BBC, CNN, Yahoo!Finance among others. His research has been covered by global and regional outlets including Forbes, Business Insider, EuroNews, and many local media including Les Echo (France), Maeil Business Newspaper (Korea), UOL (Brazil) and Business Today (India).

Chengyi previously worked at Bain & Company in Chicago. He holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University, a certificate from Kellogg School of Management and a B.Sc. from Tsinghua University. His thought leadership pieces were published in management journals including Harvard Business Review and research articles in top scientific journals including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.