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Faculty & Research



Teaching and Course Development

Agile Bootcamp, ONLINE (GEMBA course)

Agile Bootcamp, INSEAD (MBA)

Strategy, Structure and Incentives (MBA course) INSEAD and Columbia Business School, developed new elective course on Incentives and Organizational Strategy

Strategy and Regional Competitiveness (MBA Course), INSEAD, developed new elective course on understanding and fostering competitiveness of countries and regions

Industrial Organization (B), PhD course at INSEAD

Organizational Economics, PhD course, INSEAD

Managerial Economics (MBA course, Columbia Business School)

Growth and Sustainability in Brazil, (MBA course), developed new course on the Brazilian economy, combines lectures with company visits in Brazil, taught at INSEAD and Columbia)

Cases written

Her Opponent: An Experiment in Perception (2018) with Sujin Jang (video case and teaching note)

Embracing Digital: ING’s Journey to a New Way of Working” Parts 1 to 4, with Lucia del Carpio and Yves Doz (2017)

Buurtzorg: Driving Innovation in Healthcare with a new Organizational Paradigm (2015)

Volkswagen Trucks at a (Bumpy) Brazilian Crossroad: Choosing a Production Strategy for a Developing Economy (2015)

Based in Britain: Harnessing Competitive Advantage in—and outside—of Motorsport Valley (2015)

Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology: A Blueprint for Improved Employee Involvement (2011)

Compensation Plans at Pearson and Day Securities (2009) with Ann Bartel

MacAfee Building Supply: Improving Performance Across Retail Stores (2009) with Ann Bartel, Rachel Griffith and Andrew Neely

Executive Compensation: Rewards for Success or Unnecessary Excess? (2008) Research Brief
Texas PetroChemical: Designing an Effective Incentive Program (2008) with Ann Bartel

The Daimler Chrysler Merger: Why Didn’t it Succeed? (2008) with Ann Bartel


Maria Guadalupe
Associate Professor of Economics and Political Science

INSEAD Europe Campus
Boulevard de Constance

Tel: +33 1 60 72 48 10
Email: [email protected]