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INSEAD Healthcare Compliance
Implementation Leadership Programme

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Since 2007, the year when INSEAD organised its first annual Healthcare Compliance Leadership Programme, the legal and regulatory environment for healthcare companies has become increasingly stringent around the globe, with the reputational, financial and organisational risks of non-compliance reaching new heights. This has raised the demand for compliance officers who command a high level of professional competence across many diverse and complex domains.

Responding to this challenge, INSEAD, together with senior compliance officers of global healthcare companies and healthcare industry professional associations, has created a comprehensive multi-modular curriculum for compliance and legal professionals working in the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries.

As part of this new curriculum, INSEAD offers four complementary modules focused on the design, management and enhancement of effective compliance programmes:

  • Healthcare Compliance Implementation Leadership: Fundamentals of Healthcare Compliance (Part 0)
  • Healthcare Compliance Implementation Leadership I: Designing the Effective Compliance Programme (Part I)
  • Healthcare Compliance Implementation Leadership II: Managing and Enhancing the Effective Compliance Programme (Part II)
  • Healthcare Compliance Implementation Leadership III: Advanced Healthcare Compliance Implementation Leadership Programme (Part III)

Participant Profile

With the exception of part III, all the other parts of the INSEAD Healthcare Compliance Implementation Leadership Programme are designed to benefit :

  • Participants who are new to or have been recently assigned to the compliance function
  • Experienced compliance professionals who desire to update, broaden and sharpen their knowledge and skills, and exchange experiences with colleagues from other companies, countries and regions of the world

Part III, the Advanced Healthcare Compliance Implementation Leadership Programme is designed to benefit: 

  • Healthcare compliance officers with at least five years’ healthcare compliance experience
  • Experienced participants who have attended the INSEAD Healthcare Compliance Implementation Leadership Programme I and/or II and are asking: What can I do to make increase my performance in my work? Where do I want to be in five years’ time?

Classes for the programmes are limited to a maximum of 35 participants.

Participants generally come from a broad range of countries. For example, the most recent INSEAD Healthcare Compliance Implementation Leadership Programme drew participants from 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Americas.

The diversity of participants creates a unique environment at INSEAD and enriches participants’ learning experience.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

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